Uber Rewards expands to all U.S. cities

You’ll be able to get Uber Rewards points across all cities in the United States, as the service is expanding. Find out the details!
Autonomous Car

The State of Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars will change the way we live, day by day. The car industry needs a breath of fresh air to boost the technology to the next step!

‘Built in India’, Uber Lite is ‘designed for the world’, tipping the scales at under 5MB

If you need to get a ride in one of over 600 cities where Uber operates, but own a basic Android phone with spotty connectivity, the Lite app is here.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch gets its first major OS update, 14 new apps from ‘top brands’ included

The $300 Fitbit Ionic still feels a tad pricey, also lacking the robust app support of some of its rivals, though its first OS update is pretty hefty.

Let’s get net neutral in November mailbag | #PNWeekly 280

Enough food for a week in the fridge, enough football for a season and enough shopping for you to drop the habit. On this show, we jam about net neutrality.

Uber hid data breach from customers, paid hackers to keep silent

57 million users and drivers had their names, mobile numbers and emails leaked out. 600,000 drivers also had their license numbers exposed.

Google Maps now the default navigation app for Lyft drivers

It’s integrated into the the driver’s app for Lyft users, though drivers can opt out if they want to. Uber has been doing the same for its driver app.

Snapchat Context Cards will let users Uber or Lyft to places their friends are at

If the place on the Snap is on the Snap Map, just swipe up and look into when it’s open, how good people think it is and how much it’ll cost to ride over.

Uber adds in-app chat functionality for improved rider and driver convenience

Uber’s latest global Android and iOS app update enables a feature that should have probably been available for a long time: in-app chat.

Uber makes it a lot easier and more intuitive to request rides for friends and family

If you want to help someone who doesn’t own a smartphone or that simply refuses to use the Uber app get around, a new feature makes it hassle-free.

Is Uber criminally responsible for using software to stealthily operate in banned areas?

The ride-hailing tech company admitted that its drivers used software called “Greyball” to avoid being detected in areas Uber was banned.

New York Times: Uber almost lost access to the App Store in 2015

CEO Travis Kalanick went up to Cupertino to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook where he was scolded for employing persistent tags to iPhones.

AccuWeather and Uber bring in Android Wear 2.0 apps

Pull the weather on your watch without having to get extra details from your phone. Also, order a ride back home with your watch to retrieve said phone.

Tech, Earnings, and Advertising: This Week is All About the Money | #PNWeekly 238

Our podcast is racked with Super B**l commercials, earnings and failings. Mix in a little LG G6 and Watch Sport talk and you’ve got a show.

Lyft overtakes Uber in App Store, #DeleteUber campaign presses on

The protests at JFK Airport in New York have gone against Trump’s immigration ban, but things start breaking down as the livery industry gets involved.

Google Maps integrates Uber functionality directly into its directions

If you’re looking for directions on Google Maps on where you’re about rocket off to, you can now order an Uber ride right off of the directions section.

Uber sometimes tracks your iPhone location long after closing the app, blames iOS for it

Uber isn’t taking the fall for the latest data privacy controversy, blaming your iPhone’s proprietary Maps service for constant location tracking.

Google brings Waze Carpool pilot to San Francisco, but Uber has nothing to worry about

Google’s Waze Carpool program and the Waze Rider app for Android and iOS may seem like Uber and Lyft competitors, but they’re not quite that.

Lyft isn’t selling itself, blames Uber for connoting such rumors

Lyft is claimed to have been approached with offers, but not have offered itself to buyers. The head of the company blames Uber and its spin machine.

Lyft sought a buyer with $9 billion and Uber claims it’s only worth $2 billion

The US’s number two ride-hailing app has been looking for a big backer to help it compete against Uber. Uber had its own thoughts, too.

Uber strikes the right note with its drivers by offering six ad-free months of Pandora

Uber doesn’t take sides in the music streaming duel between Spotify and Pandora, first partnering with the former and now the latter in different forms.

Mass shooter looks for $10 million in Uber lawsuit: drivers “are peasants and pawn pieces”

In the midst of a long trial procedure for a mass shooter, we find that Uber has once again has to face possible scrutiny in how it treats its drivers.

Uber gets family-friendly with new shared-payment-method option

With new in-testing Uber family profiles, up to ten users can share one payment method.

Google Maps gets serious about ride sharing with new providers, fare breakdowns

Discover all the new Google Maps ride-sharing options arriving for users in multiple nations.

New Galaxy S6, S6 Edge owners can score a free Uber ride

You can score a free ride across town thanks to the new Samsung Uber deal for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.