HTC Android 9 Pie update schedule for U11, U11+ and U12+

HTC has officially shared the approximate dates about the Android 9 Pie update and its timing for owners of the U11, U11+ and U12+.

HTC Android 9 Pie update for U11, U12 and U12+ coming Q2

The HTC Android 9 Pie update for the HTC U11, U12, and U12+ will start rolling out to customers sometime in the second quarter of the year.
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HTC opts to evolve U12+ into 2019, but will it be a “U13?”

HTC has announced that it will be staying in the premium arena in addition to pushing further in the mid-range smartphone category.

Galaxy Flex, Mate Flex, LG G Flex, Flexis Praxis | #PNWeekly 333

Jacklyn Dallas (aka NothingButTech88) joins us to talk about folding phone branding, Black Friday deals and news of future flagships!

HTC’s Imagine Life (HTC U12 Life) will not be manufactured by HTC?

Not only will the HTC U12 Life (also known as Imagine Life) ship with Oreo on-board, but apparently HTC will not be the one manufacturing it.

Sony, Huawei, and HTC Android 9 update plans revealed

Sony, Huawei and HTC made their Android 9 update plans official, complete with list of devices that will get some Pie love soon.

HTC U12+ deemed an improvement over the U11 in durability, still pretty fragile

Slightly more durable than last year’s U11, the new HTC U12+ still presents a number of worrisome build quality vulnerabilities.

The HTC U12+ is in stock and shipping fast from the OEM and Amazon stateside

Formally unveiled a little over a month ago, the HTC U12+ is now up for grabs and shipping from the OEM’s official US e-store, as well as Amazon.

HTC U12+ knocks Huawei P20 out of second place in DxOMark Mobile rankings

The dual camera HTC U12+ has nothing on the three-lens Huawei P20 Pro, but the “regular” P20 loses its silver medal in the DxOMark Mobile photography and videography ratings.

Meet the HTC U12+ – Living on the Edge? (Video)

The HTC U12+ has truly been the tech world’s worst kept secret, but our hands-on experience with the phone goes to show you don’t need surprises to be left impressed.

HTC U12+ carelessly revealed on official website just ahead of formal announcement

Technically, the HTC U12+ is still not official yet, but maybe someone should tell the Taiwanese company that, reminding it of tomorrow’s formal launch event.

The ultimate HTC U12+ leak leaves no question unanswered

Color options, camera specifications, storage, memory, display, product dimensions, Edge Sense revisions, battery capacity and more. If you have HTC U12+ questions, Evan Blass can provide the answers.

Two HTC U12+ pop-up events happening in the United States

Whatever phone HTC is launching on May 23, you probably won’t be awake to catch the launch event. But you can at least try and attend a pop-up event in San Francisco or New York.

HTC uses iPhone 6 components in U12+ event teaser for a cheeky purpose

People have noticed that parts from the iPhone 6 and other phones were featured in a teaser image for HTC’s next big phone. The company says that’s exactly the point it wants to make.

Save the May 23 date for the official HTC U12+ announcement

“A phone that is more than the sum of its specs” is coming on May 23, and there are no prizes for guessing said phone is the oft-rumored HTC U12+.

Facebook page leaks out HTC U12+ in pictures

All it takes is 10 little pictures to bring some realism to the HTC U12+. There’s gloss, all the features, some minimalism and nearly a complete lack of side bezels.

Verizon certification suggests HTC U12 is right around the corner with ‘frame less’ display

Whether it’s the HTC U12 or U12+, a new high-end smartphone manufactured by the Taiwanese company has recently been certified for a Verizon release.

HTC U12+ to start selling in Taiwan in late May, priced at around $850 in 128GB variant

We may finally be just a little over a month away from the commercial launch of the HTC U12+ at a 128GB price of around $850. Will it stand a chance?
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Will the HTC U12+ have a fighting chance?

That’s the exact recipe HTC needs for the HTC U12 and U12+ for it to be a success – better support from service providers, a good marketing campaign and a pile of cash large enough to keep the campaign going long after the phone goes on sale.

HTC stops the bleeding for March revenues

Relatively speaking, HTC has done nothing in smartphones to make waves so far this year. But it has been able to eke out a little good in a sea of bad news.

Iffy HTC U12+ box leak seems convincing enough

Far from perfect, the box design just seems a bit mangled and weird to us. But it has its heart in the right place… if you can call getting most of the items seemingly right.

Glossier renders of HTC U12+ appear in clear case rendering

They look very bright, glossy and, at the very least, very familiar and accurate shells… but apparently, this is one accessory maker’s take on the HTC U12+.

New report reiterates HTC U12+ ‘early May’ launch rumor, key specs and features

We have a name, we have an ETA, and essentially all of the important specifications “confirmed” by multiple sources. Let the HTC U12+ come to us.

HTC U12+ will be the company’s only flagship of 2018

The one big flagship release will be the hill of the year for HTC to fare against future spring and fall phones from the competition.

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