Sony can’t stop Fortnite crossplay from getting better on Android

As they’re running Android, Sony Xperia phones have now joined the Fortnite fray with HTC and Motorola phones and everyone else!

HTC U12+ to start selling in Taiwan in late May, priced at around $850 in 128GB variant

We may finally be just a little over a month away from the commercial launch of the HTC U12+ at a 128GB price of around $850. Will it stand a chance?

HTC will get a financial boost from Google soon, but until then, monthly revenues are down

Before it can return to quarterly profitability with Google’s help, HTC’s monthly income scores are still shrinking, and new Vive headsets will probably not help that much.

HTC U11+ goes on sale in India at around $885 as Flipkart exclusive

The HTC U11+ is the latest in a long line of attractive smartphones from a number of Android OEMs launching in India before or instead of seeing daylight stateside.

Possible HTC U12 sighting reported in Taiwan, mystery mid-ranger also benchmarked

Believe it or not, the unreleased HTC U12 flagship phone, codenamed Imagine, may have been shown off in public in Taiwan last week.

Evan Blass reveals key HTC U11 EYEs specs, renders and expected pricing

Rendered in red, black and silver, the mid-range HTC U11 EYEs is coming on January 15 with a mysterious dual front camera setup in tow, as well as a 6-inch FHD+ screen.

Let’s get net neutral in November mailbag | #PNWeekly 280

Enough food for a week in the fridge, enough football for a season and enough shopping for you to drop the habit. On this show, we jam about net neutrality.

HTC U11 joins exclusive Android 8.0 Oreo club with official update in Taiwan

The HTC U11 is one of the world’s first Nougat-powered smartphones to get an official OTA software update to Android 8.0 Oreo, at least in Taiwan.

HTC looks doomed to end 2017 with lower revenue than 2016 after October result

If it wasn’t abundantly clear, October revenue confirms 2017 has been a bad year for HTC following half a decade already of constant financial decline.

The HTC Pixel 2 XL and the cutting-edge Razer Phone | #PNWeekly 277 (Audio)

HTC puts out two more phones for the end of 2017, each with their high points. But the elephant on our show here is the Razer Phone.

HTC confirms ‘five to six’ own-brand 2018 smartphones, including at least a dual cam model

The HTC U11+ is by no means the Taiwanese brand’s swan song, with around half a dozen smartphones still planned for 2018 releases.

HTC U11 Plus was Pixel 2 XL at one point in development hell

This may have been the “muskie” that was being worked behind the scenes at Google before LG’s “taimen” won out and HTC rebooted work on “Ocean Master”.

Bigger, badder HTC U11+ goes official alongside mid-range HTC U11 Life

The highly anticipated 6-inch HTC U11+ is finally official, packing up to 6GB RAM and a monster battery. The U11 Life is significantly humbler.

HTC U11 Plus in ‘Translucent Black’ leaks one more time ahead of its official announcement

We’re less than 24 hours away from the formal announcement of the HTC U11 Plus and U11 Life, with the former rendered in a translucent flavor again.

HTC U11 Plus and U11 Life bare all in crazy detailed hands-on video

In case you still had questions regarding the design, specs or pricing of the HTC U11 Plus and U11 Life, here are all the answers.

There’s apparently a translucent HTC U11 Plus on the way

All the colors in the world won’t stop people from wanting something like that Game Boy so long ago in a smartphone. Well, the U11 Plus may have it.

Love or hate the ‘Brilliant Black’ HTC U11 Life’s bezels, you won’t like its rumored price tag

While we still hold out hope for a U11 Plus November 2 announcement, the HTC U11 Life that’s almost definitely coming out is… not looking great.

High-end HTC U11 Plus is back to looking like a prime candidate for a November 2 launch

“You’ll see it all” on November 2. That’s the tagline accompanying a teaser image of what looks like the HTC U11 Plus rather than the U11 Life.

In single spotlight, it’s HTC U11 Life over U11 Plus on November 2

Only one device will be launched at this event and it will be one that’s targeted toward a wider appeal. That won’t be the flagship, then, huh?

How many HTC U11 Plus specs can fit in an evleaks tweet?

All the standard ones, including a Snapdragon 835, 12-megapixel rear camera, and a near-4,000mAh battery. Some things get a little more interesting.

Actual HTC U11 Plus pics crop up, alongside more U11 Life details and an update on U11 Oreo update

We finally get to check out the HTC U11 Plus in the flesh today in not-so-glamorous images while also hearing about a distressing U11 Life omission.

HTC cranks up buzz-building efforts for November 2 event, U11 Plus almost guaranteed

It’s looking more and more likely that the oft-rumored HTC U11 Plus will be seeing daylight on November 2 rather than a U11 Life or other mid-ranger.

HTC U11 Plus bears obvious resemblance to U11 in leaked renders, but differences are crucial

It’s no surprise that the HTC U11 Plus looks similar to the regular U11, but a repositioned fingerprint scanner and thinner bezels make a big difference.

HTC U11 Plus battery to match that of the Huawei Mate 10’s

The big battery question is whether 4,000mAh will come in smaller phones in the future as there’s a slight increase in size versus the U11.

Benchmarks may have confirmed 6-inch 2:1 screen and Android 8.0 as key HTC U11 Plus specs

A super-high-res 6-inch screen with a 2:1 aspect ratio and Android 8.0 Oreo will probably headline the list of HTC U11 Plus features.