Opera 69 for desktop brings Twitter integration in the sidebar
You can now keep up with your direct messages, launch a quick Twitter search, or just scroll through the timeline in search a funny meme from the sidebar.
Twitter is exploring automatic and manual transcription for audio tweets
Head of Design and Research at Twitter, Dantley Davis, shared that he will advocate for the accessibility team to be a part of a project from its start.
Facebook, Twitter remove doctored video shared by Trump over copyright complaint
Less than a day ago, Twitter flagged a video shared by President…
Twitter is on a roll, adds new features to its ‘Lists’
It seems to be a staged rollout for Android and iOS users.
Twitter launches search prompts in India to aid people at risk of domestic violence
Searching for keywords related to domestic abuse and dowry crimes on Twitter will assist people in finding resources and help on NCW and WCD portals.
Twitter is testing audio tweets on iOS, and we’re doomed
I usually don’t say this but, “Hey Twitter, don’t bring this feature to Android. EVER.”
Remember reaction emojis on Facebook? Twitter is testing them too
The set of reaction emojis on Twitter is not the same as the selection you get on Facebook, but the idea is similar at its core.
Twitter wants you to read an article before retweeting it
Twitter is testing a new feature on Android that will ask if you would like to read the article first, before retweeting it.
Fleets, Twitter’s own version of Stories, is now available in India
Fleets can include text, photo, GIF, or a video of your choice. And if your DMs are open, your followers can react to them as well.
Twitter working on an in-app verification request system with more transparency
Twitter will also make the policies governing the verification of an account more transparent to users.
Twitter’s web app now lets you schedule tweets or save them as a draft
Tweets saved as draft on Twitter’s web client won’t sync with the mobile app, even though you’re logged in with the same account.
Twitter makes it easier to add image descriptions on mobile and desktop
You no longer have to open the image edit settings to add alt-text or description for a photo in your tweet or direct message.
Twitter’s new experiment will let you control who can reply to your tweets
Those who can’t reply to a tweet will still be able to view, like and retweet it.
Twitter will allow some employees to work from home permanently
Twitter will allow some of its employees to work from home permanently. This refers to employees who can work remotely, as offices will be closed until Sep.
Twitter is testing a new threaded conversation view on iOS and web
It is now easier to follow how a conversation unfolds in the comments section by linking replies with lines, making it clear who replied to whom.
Twitter tests warning prompt to make users rethink before replying offensively
This is just Twitter’s way of saying, “Think twice before you pull the trigger.”
TikTok owner ByteDance told to remove workplace app for showing ‘foreign’ content
ByteDance’s Feishu app for office collaboration was handed a 30-day listing ban for hosting content from banned platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
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OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20+
We have a new hands-on video of the OnePlus 8 Pro before its release
We now have a new hands-on video from Marques Brownlee that shows the OnePlus 8 Pro and its new 120Hz refresh rate display
Twitter now shares your personal data with advertisers: Here’s what it means
Users in Europe and the UK can still opt-out from sharing “non-public” personal information like device identifiers.
Twitter encourages all 5,000 employees to work from home amid Coronavirus fears
Earlier, Twitter had also said that it would restrict all non-essential business travel for its employees and partner
iPhone 11 Pro price in India
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