Twitter Safety Mode
Twitter plans Facebook-like communities, Safe Mode for auto-blocking abusive accounts
By enabling Safety Mode, Twitter will automatically block accounts that spew vile and hateful words, and will also reduce their visibility.
Twitter super follow
Twitter announces a Super Follow feature to let creators charge for their content
If you Super Follow a creator on Twitter, you’ll get perks such as supporter badge, access to paid newsletters as well as exclusive content.
congress hearing google facebook twitter
Google, Facebook, and Twitter CEOs will be grilled by Congress over misinformation
Congress committee will question Google, Facebook, and Twitter heads over how their platforms handled COVID-19 and election misinformation.
Twitter voice DMs
Now you can send Voice DMs on Twitter
Each voice note can be 140 seconds long.
Twitter’s government account labels expand to 16 more countries
These labels will indicate when an account is run by a government official or organization.
Twitter vs Govt. of India: Twitter defies banning activists, journalists and politicians
Twitter said it believed actions directed by the government for blocking accounts were inconsistent with Indian law.
Twitter explores a paid tier with advanced tools, putting Tweetdeck behind a paywall
Aside from putting Tweetdeck behind a paywall, Twitter is testing a tipping feature for exclusive content and a paid tier with advanced tools.
Twitter verification january pocketnow
Twitter is making it easier for researchers to analyze tweets
It will not include tweets from suspended accounts.
Twitter launches community-driven Birdwatch program to curb misinformation
Birdwatch will allow contributors to add a note with contextual information while flagging a tweet that contains misleading content.
Donald Trump banned Twitter
Twitter has permanently banned Donald Trump
The team at Twitter came to the conclusion that his recent tweets could be perceived as another encouragement for violence to his supporters.
Twitter suspends Trump’s account, threatens a permanent ban for future violations
Twitter will permanently ban Trump from its platform if more repeated policy violations happen in the future from the account.
Twitter trump
[UPDATE] Twitter disables reply, likes, and retweets for Trump posts citing a risk of violence
Twitter is only allowing users to quote tweet Trump’s video right now, but is exploring other escalated enforcement actions too.
Twitter breaker
Breaker – the podcast app with a social element – is now a part of Twitter
Twitter is banking on voice as a medium to push the boundaries of its platform and offering users an alternative way to express themselves.
Twitter’s voice-based chatroom platform called Spaces goes live
Spaces users can report and block other participants, and an early version of live transcriptions is also being tested at the moment.
Twitter verification january pocketnow
Twitter’s verification program returns on January 20 with updated rules
Twitter will accept verification requests via a new self-serve application process that can be accessed from the Account Settings page.
Twitter brings back the ability to Retweet without quoting
Twitter shared that while the use of Quote Tweets increased, about 45% of them included single-word affirmations and 70% had less than 25 characters
Twitter verification system is coming back in early 2021
The public feedback process has already started. It will continue until December 8 of this year.
Twitter warn
Twitter will now warn you before liking a disputed tweet
It is rolling out on the web and on iOS to all users around the world this week.
Twitter Fleets Pocketnow
Twitter fixes bug that caused Fleets to be visible after 24-hour expiration period
Twitter notes that some names may not appear in the ‘Seen by’ list for Fleets if it gets too long due to a large number of users seeing it.
Twitter wants you to quote tweet instead of retweeting, will restrict tweet actions
All Trends in the “For You” tab will include a description to tell Twitter users why exactly a particular topic or person is trending.
Twitter brings its ‘read an article before retweeting’ prompt to iOS
Twitter wants you to read an article before you retweet it, and so far, the social media platform has received a positive response.
Twitter is expanding its ‘read an article before retweeting’ prompt globally
Twitter says that its experiment proved successful as the number of people who actually read an article before retweeting it rose by 33%.
Twitter boosts account security protocols to avoid election period disasters
Twitter will prompt owners of ‘high-profile’ accounts to activate 2FA and will automatically enable its Password Reset Protection.
Twitter now lets everyone limit who can reply to their tweets
Adios, all ye angry fellas who think jumping into someone else’s conversation to share thy immense wisdom and immeasurable expertise is their birthright!
Twitter is testing a ‘Retweets with comments’ alternative, ‘Quote’ tweet counts
It will show how many quotes a tweet has instead of making you click to see it.