delete apps
How to delete apps from your smartphone
In order to delete apps from your smartphone, depending on your OS and phone manufacturer, you have to follow these steps.
How to take a screenshot on your phone
Use a screenshot to quickly share whatever is on your screen. We’ll teach you how to take a screenshot on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
speed up android
How to make your Android feel faster
This is a simple trick to speed up Android that doesn’t require root or tinkering and tampering deep within the settings.
YouTube playback speed
How to watch YouTube videos at a faster speed
Read this to find out how to change YouTube playback speed and watch videos at a faster speed. We also show you how watch videos at a slower speed.
How to give your Android phone the Pixel experience
Most manufacturers install their own skinned versions of Android with custom launchers and apps. But since Android is an open platform, it’s actually quite easy to get Google’s apps installed and working on non-Pixel devices, and getting the Pixel experience.
Improve your smartphone photography: What is metering?
Why does your camera shoot too dark or too bright after you focus? It’s probably because of metering. What is metering? Here’s how to improve your photos!
What is USB Type C, and what is it not?
As more phones are changing the connector which we use to charge and transfer data. What is USB Type C? Here’s what it can and can’t do!