The Moto Z3 is a lot like the RED Hydrogen One | #PNWeekly 316
There’s a whole bunch of flash conversation going on about how to run ads, Sprint, and also notches, notches, notches. We could use a little scotch.
HubblePhone is a concept from Turing Space
A 60-megapixel camera with a few more as back-up, three big displays, a jogwheel and it’s on all on a clamshell form factor.
Death, lawsuits and the OnePlus X2 | #PNWeekly 291
On this week’s show, T-Mobile and Google facing big lawsuits. a couple of dying phone makers and the true threat to civilization (hint: it’s a fake phone).
At least 750K Turing Phone Appassionato units will be distributed in China starting this fall
Following TCL, another relatively high-profile Chinese company offers its support for the Turing Phone Appassionato to reach stores this year.
The LG G6 sucks, but kinda only in this one aspect… | #PNWeekly 248
We discuss that aspect as well as our review process for lacking coverage in that specific aspect and, of course, Burger King. All in this week’s show!
TRI partners with TCL for September launch of Liquidmorphium-made Turing Phone Appassionato
Before you scream vaporware, take into consideration TCL’s involvement in the making of this AI-powered Turing Phone Appassionato.
First batch of Turing Phones shipping July 12
The date is set for July 12. What happens then is still anyone’s guess, granted Turing’s tendency to blow past deadline after deadline.
What the hell is the Turing Phone doing? Drops Android for Sailfish OS
Android, shmandroid! After missing yet another shipment deadline, we get word of a Turing Phone Sailfish OS platform change.
Turing Phone isn’t going to hit its ship date; best ETA now is sometime in Q1 2016
With fresh Turing Phone delays pushing back the planned ship date, the manufacturer is offering pre-order bonuses to appease customers.
Turing Phone looks like it’s actually happening, as manufacturer sets date for shipments
New Turing Phone dates have arrived, with the company laying out its timetable as it brings the security-focused smartphone to market.