U.S. might block manufacturers from supplying chips to Huawei

Huawei is already licking its wounds after being prohibited from using Google…

Samsung offering discounts to woo TSMC clients over

Samsung is allegedly offering discounts for its foundry services, according to unnamed sources, in order to win over some of TSMC’s clients.

Move away 5nm, 3nm chips coming in 2023

According to recent reports, TSMC is preparing to start construction of a new production facility which will start manufacturing 3nm chips in 2023.
Kirin 980

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Kirin 980

Huawei’s HiSilicon ramps up TSMC 7nm chip orders

The Huawei HiSilicon chip division is ramping up its 7nm chip orders with TSMC in order to ensure there are enough components for the P30 series.

The latest in Huawei: TSMC, memory chips, SD cards

The U.S. Huawei ban continues to make shockwaves that affect not only the Chinese company but the supply chain, retailers, and even consumers.

TSMC 5nm production starts next year, 5nm Plus in 2021

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will be ready to start 5nm mass production next year, moving to 5nm Plus in 2021.

TSMC working on 5nm process, 6nm in risk production, and 7nm is expected to grow

While TSMC’s 6nm process risk production is expected to start in 2020, 5nm is already in the works, as 7nm production expected to gain traction.

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TSMC and Samsung compete for Qualcomm 5G modem chip orders

TSMC and Samsung will likely be directly competing against each other to secure the most 5G modem chip orders for smartphones.

TSMC announces 6nm process with 18% higher logic density

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has announced its new 6nm process production capabilities and explains the advantages.

7nm chip orders ramping up for TSMC

A recent report suggests that 7nm chip orders placed with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) are ramping up.

Huawei to build chip factory / R&D superhub in the U.K.?

Huawei has leased 500 acres of land in Cambridge UK, and it is reportedly planning on building a chip factory and R&D hub.

Huawei to enter the smart display market, report suggests

A recent report citing unnamed industry sources claims that Huawei might be considering entering the smart display market.

TSMC massively benefits from Huawei and its HiSilicon chip orders

A recent report not only talks about how Huawei and HiSilicon are driving serious growth for TSMC, but it also could surpass Apple in chip orders.

2020 iPhones will feature a 5nm Apple Bionic chip, report claims

The 2020 iPhones are rumored to be powered by a 5nm Apple Bionic chip, according to a recent report. TSMC will manufacture them.

TSMC hopes to make up lost orders from chemical flub

The impact for this quarter looks to be minus $550 million. The hope is that TSMC can make it back up to customers the next quarter.
Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mass production starting soon

According to unnamed industry sources, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will soon begin production of the Snapdragon 855 chip.

TSMC will remain the exclusive manufacturer of the Apple A13 chip

According to recent rumors from the supply chain, the Apple A13 Bionic chip that will power this year’s iPhones will be made exclusively by TSMC.

TSMC temporary shutdown due to substandard chemical

A temporary shutdown has partially affected chip production at TSMC, and, according to reports, it was due to a substandard chemical.
iPhone Xr

iPhone suppliers tell different stories when reporting revenues

We have new revenue reports from Foxconn and TSMC that are more promising than what we have seen from other iPhone component suppliers

After Apple, Huawei and Qualcomm also reducing 7nm orders with TSMC?

A report from China talks about TSMC’s production capacity for the first half of the year and how Huawei and Qualcomm join Apple in reducing orders.

TSMC not affected by iPhone order cuts, but other suppliers are

Reports from Taiwan talk about how Apple’s reduced iPhone orders do not affect TSMC, but they do impact other supply chain partners.

Chipmakers advancing rollout of 5G chips by one quarter

A recent report claims that chipmakers are advancing the rollout of their 5G chips by at least one quarter as we get closer to the 5G mobile push.

TSMC to get exclusivity on Apple’s A13 Bionic chip in 2019

A recent report citing unnamed industry sources claims that TSMC will be the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A13 chip in 2019.