Is the iPhone SE 2 back on the table for 2019?

A new budget iPhone could be coming four years after the original iPhone SE debuted and several months of drought for value seekers.

Apple may have found a way to get rid of the notch created by Face ID

Apple may have finally found the way to get rid of the Notch while keeping all the benefits of Face ID, and we could even see bezels disappear

It’s said that Apple may give us 3D rear cameras in their iPhones

Apple could be giving us Sony 3D sensors in the main cameras of future iPhones that would help in 3D content creation and more

As 2018 iPhone sales outlook worsens, parts suppliers brace for impact

With Apple’s tempered forecast, millions of iPhones will no longer need to be made for the holiday quarter and that has sent parts suppliers reeling.

Here are the iPhone Xs tech specs plus iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr

We’ve got all the numbers you need and all of the little bits and bobs that Apple glossed over when it was talking about the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr.

iPhone Xs Max camera goes wider in color with HDR

If you’ve seen what the iPhone X can do with its cameras, just imagine that going faster. And with more dynamic range than ever before.

Want Touch ID to return to the iPhone? You’re not gonna like this prediction

This prediction comes from a generally well-regarded market analyst that has been tracking Apple for many years. Chances are, he’s right.

Next-gen iPad Pro and its’ bezels get real shrunk

Among those factors, Face ID is included, the headphone jack goes away and old accessories won’t work with this new iPad anymore.

Kuo: LCD iPhone is not late, but look for new MacBook Air and iPad Pro with Face ID

Famous (or infamous) Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo is back at a new investment firm and is tackling some predictions on what the company has to offer soon.

6.1-inch LCD iPhone leaked again, this time with a case

Another piece of media affirms what we believe the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone looks like from prior leaks and rumors. So, how much longer ’til the event?

Galaxy S10 hoped to have 3D sensor to leave behind iris scanner

Samsung wants to have better biometric security measures come 2019 and it thinks that it can have a dot-projection facial sensor in time.

Olixar portrays thick bezels for LCD iPhone and no chance at iPhone SE 2

The bezels are on the most affordable premium iPhone to keep it as the most affordable premium iPhone. What about a would-be cheaper option? It’s scrubbed.

WWDC 2018 and BlackBerry’s KEY2 success | #PNWeekly 308

BlackBerry has a new phone to last a weekend, feature a keyboard and much more while Apple has surged in software in some places and lagged in others.

Face ID settings tuned for iPad, but no hardware yet

In the iOS 12 developer beta, iPad users can find aew option to set up Face ID. Except they can’t. Not on any iPad just yet.

Apple’s giving a new camera (and some tongue) to Messages and Memoji

Animoji can now capture you sticking out your tongue. You can also FaceTime with up to 31 of your closest friends in just a single call.
Huawei P20 Pro review

Speculation grows that a triple-camera iPhone is coming in 2019 with 3D sensing features

It’s probably not happening this year, but in 2019, we could see Apple copy Huawei with at least one triple-camera iPhone variant supporting both 3x optical zoom and advanced AR experiences with 3D sensing functionality.

If you have Face ID trouble, your iPhone X rear camera may need a repair

It doesn’t exactly sound logical, but Apple’s front camera-enabled Face ID feature on the iPhone X may need a rear camera repair in the event of trouble.

Apple to test 2018 iPhone pipeline after last year’s TrueDepth snafu

It was rumored to be one of the dragging factors that kept the iPhone X from getting out to customers with the other iPhones last year.

Parts crunch: Apple still two years ahead of competition with TrueDepth, Face ID

Android phone makers will take until late this year at the very earliest to be able to come up with an answer to Face ID, Animoji and the TrueDepth camera.

2018 iPhone X to copy Huawei P20 in design as Face ID parts race begins

Well, it’s only copying if Apple actually follows the whimsical rendering that was released by a research firm. Also, new insight into the parts race for three new iPhones.

2019 iPhones to pack even larger batteries than 2018 generation to handle TrueDepth needs

Apple might be more focused than ever on enhancing battery capacity for 2018, then 2019 iPhones in order to improve endurance and keep up with TrueDepth consumption.

Apple clarifies what Face ID and TrueDepth data developers have access to

In short, no Face ID data is transmitted to app publishers, period. But they do have access to an API to track the faces you make at their app.

Second investment firm sees three 2018 iPhones with Face ID

Dual-SIM capability on one iPhone, the other gets a cheaper screen at the same price as the “normal” iPhone this year. Speculation continues to pile on.

Hide your kids: 10-year-old gets into parents’ iPhone X with Face ID

The iPhone X is supposed to recognize your face and your face only. Face ID, though, has been shown to have cracks. Apparently, kids are one of them.

Face ID might be coming to second-gen HomePod

Smart speakers are starting to come with cameras — take the Amazon Echo Look and Echo Show — so it’s fully expected that the next HomePod should get one.