Satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi soon to come on Spirit Airlines

All of the super-low-cost airliner’s fleet will be able to traffic decently speedy Wi-Fi by next summer. Will you be flying Spirit more often?

Samsung Spain gives away hundreds of Galaxy Note 8 units on Iberia flight

A Southwest flight from Louisville to Baltimore last year was not normal. Today’s 7:30am flight from Madrid to A Coruña was not normal, but fun.
Travel Essentials Summer 2017

Travel Essentials Summer 2017: indispensable tech to pack along (video)

Let it be for relaxation, or one last business trip before vacation, we’ve got a list of travel essentials we think you should pack along in order to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Carry-on tablet ban could extend to all US international flights

The current ban only affects flights from 10 airports in the Middle East coming into the US, but ISIS attacks have worried Homeland Security.

Google Flights will help you find the cheapest tickets, anticipate price hikes, and more

Google Flights sounds like your one-stop mobile airline tracker this holiday season, with price hike alerts before they actually happen.

PSA: Ways to stay connected while traveling overseas

It’s not always easy to stay connected while traveling out of your home country, so we wanted to lay out some options for next time.

Some Google Local Guides getting invites to beta app

If you’re a level 2 Google Local Guide or above, use Gmail or Inbox enough and have plans to make tracks to somewhere else soon, have we a beta for you.