San Francisco transit operators may incorporate mobile payments soon

One of the nation’s most fragmented public transit regions may start using mobile payments for train and bus rides by 2022.

Dockless bike share service Ofo now accepting Apple Pay with kick-off promo

The dockless bike share system is accepting Apple’s mobile payment system. They’re celebrating by giving out two-hour ride coupons.

‘Built in India’, Uber Lite is ‘designed for the world’, tipping the scales at under 5MB

If you need to get a ride in one of over 600 cities where Uber operates, but own a basic Android phone with spotty connectivity, the Lite app is here.

New York to finally move on from MetroCard to Apple Pay and other NFC formats

The MTA will work to convert every turnstile and bus over to a new NFC-based admissions system, saving people time at vending machines and at turnstiles.

Uber adds in-app chat functionality for improved rider and driver convenience

Uber’s latest global Android and iOS app update enables a feature that should have probably been available for a long time: in-app chat.

Uber makes it a lot easier and more intuitive to request rides for friends and family

If you want to help someone who doesn’t own a smartphone or that simply refuses to use the Uber app get around, a new feature makes it hassle-free.