San Francisco transit operators may incorporate mobile payments soon

One of the nation’s most fragmented public transit regions may start using mobile payments for train and bus rides by 2022.

Dockless bike share service Ofo now accepting Apple Pay with kick-off promo

The dockless bike share system is accepting Apple’s mobile payment system. They’re celebrating by giving out two-hour ride coupons.

Six cities have wheelchair-accessible transit directions on Google Maps

Boston, London, Mexico City, New York, Sydney and Tokyo are the first regions to support wheelchair-enabled transit directions.

Archos Citee Connect scooter has Android-powered navigation

Who knew this French tech manufacturer makes electric scooters, too? Also, how hasn’t any other scootermaker thought to integrate Android into one?

In-tunnel cell service and new train signaling could spread in New York

Ultra-Wideband transceivers could get the MTA a new, modern signaling system to fix the hell that is the New York public transit commute.

SM-G888 is not the Galaxy X, but a phone for a bullet train

Samsung has launched an LTE network dedicated to a railway and is equipping its staff with a special phone to communicate with each other at high speeds. It doesn’t fold up.

Google Maps is now a transit guide that will poke your shoulder

You missed your stop. Great. Now you’re late. Google hopes that won’t be the case ever again with an upcoming update to Google Maps.

New York MTA equipping conductors with iPhone 6s units to relay delay information

2017’s $449 iPhone will be helping 230 conductors and controllers on the ‘E’ line from Jamaica to the World Trade Center navigate and communicate delays.

All of New York’s MTA stations to have Wi-Fi and cell service as of January 9

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the news in a tweet. Note that it’s only the stations, not the tunnels connecting all of them.

New York’s MTA eTix now supports Apple Pay

If you take trains on Metro-North or the Long Island Rail Road and use Apple Pay, you can now buy tickets from anywhere you want with a Touch ID tap.

Finally, Apple Maps recognizes all of Amtrak’s routes

The Northeast Regional trains might be upon the most travailed tracks in the US, but what if you have an iPhone and want to be elsewhere?

Lyft sought a buyer with $9 billion and Uber claims it’s only worth $2 billion

The US’s number two ride-hailing app has been looking for a big backer to help it compete against Uber. Uber had its own thoughts, too.