Samsung Galaxy Fold review

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold will include a “Hideaway Hinge”

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold is believed to include new features and improvements in 2020 the new “Hideaway Hinge” may be one of them

The Samsung Galaxy S11 may include a new Bright Night camera sensor

The new Samsung Galaxy S11 may include a new Bright Night camera sensor that could improve the photos and videos they capture with low light

Sony Xperia XA3 may have 21:9 “CinemaWide” display

Those 21:9 displays we’ve been peeping at on the Sony Xperia XA3 and XZ4 may have a name to them you’ll hear in ads and other marketing.

Huawei is getting trademark names ready for its foldable device

Huawei is already working on launching its first foldable device ever, and that also includes giving it a name and trademark

Samsung is preparing to deliver something new called ‘Samsung Buds’

We may see new Bluetooth earphones with Bixby digital assistant in the new Samsung Buds that could also be a new name for a known Samsung product
Oppo Find X2 Pro

OPPO coming to the UK, but will it sell the Find X?

Forty smartphone models have been seen at intellectual property offices in Europe, but is it just a trademark protection frenzy or is it a signal for more?

Leaked Pixel 3 XL had a legitimate Google logo on it

It might not have been a Google ‘G,’ but this “mirrored ‘E'” business is official business from Google and it’s on a leaked picture of a future phone.

OnePlus’s “Dash Charge” branding might be on the way out

The company said that it was not able to get a trademark on the term in Europe as it conflicted with terms associated with Bragi and Amazon.

Huawei MateX trademark application could hint at iPhone X inspiration for next-gen phone

It wouldn’t make much sense for a Huawei MateX to follow the existing Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro smartphones, but it’s not entirely out of the question either.

Samsung trademarks “Uhssup” as name for location tracking social app

Live, location-tracking features are coming into popularity and Samsung may be preparing to join in with its own application.

Huawei P11 name back in contention, planned in front of P12

The Huawei P11 name has come out as the one trademarked more often than the Huawei P20 name at this stage. There’s also words for the P12 at the regulatory offices.

AmazonTube? Trademark could be a first sign of an attack on YouTube

YouTube wants out of Amazon’s devices. Does Amazon want to declare war? It has the infrastructure and some know-how. But will it risk a fight?

Xiaomi still can’t register Mi Pad trademark in Europe due to iPad similarity

The Android-powered Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet family cannot be protected by EU trademark laws, as the brand closely resembles Apple’s iPad.

Emonster sues Apple for violating Animoji trademark

The company made an app in 2014 that converted emoji into looped animations that could be sent over iMessage. With the iPhone X, there’s a threat.

HTC Vive Eclipse is another possible name for an upcoming VR headset, standalone or not

Is there both an HTC Vive Eclipse and Vive Focus VR headset in the works, or does the Taiwanese company just want to collect branding options?
Intel Atom

LG takes out trademarks for “KROMAX” and “EPIK” chipsets

LG has been coming to Intel every so often in an attempt to skirt Qualcomm’s bloated presence for some silicon. It could be realized soon.

A tale of trademarks: Huawei Pay registered in Europe, US

But where will it actually launch, if the long-imagined mobile payments system actually does? Nothing is assured from a trademark application.

HTC “Vive Focus” trademark registered with EU, US

But will it be a standalone VR headset? Will it be the first upgrade to the original HTC Vive? HTC did obligate to produce a Google Daydream machine.

Essential Products infringing on “Spigen Essential” franchise, letter claims

Spigen uses the registered term “Essential” to describe its value-level phone accessories. The patent office even blocked Essential Products’ filings.

Samsung files for “Infinity Display” trademark, so get ready for some Galaxy S8 marketing

So, it’s between the 18:9 LG “FullVision” display on the G6 or the 18.5:9 “Infinity Display” on the Samsung Galaxy S8 — we think. So, which one for you?

Samsung did not trademark Hello, it trademarked “Samsung Hello”

You will not be sued for saying “hello” to anyone anytime soon. But you might face some trouble if you choose to use the odd greeting of “Samsung Hello.”

What might “Bixby Vision” have to do with the Samsung Galaxy S8?

First, “Bixby,” now, “Bixby Vision.” The names are suspected to be the branding for Samsung’s digital assistant for the Galaxy S8.

Nokia’s Viki said to take on every other voice assistant

The company has filed for a trademark on the name “Viki” over something that sounds like a digital assistant the way Alexa or Cortana are.

Samsung’s Viv on the Galaxy S8 could have characters called Bixby and Kestra

Bixby and Kestra may help guide Galaxy S8 users on how to pull information and do tasks just by using their artificially intelligent voices.

What could LG V20 S trademark in Europe mean?

Perhaps Europe will finally see the V20 sold in the continent, but in what form? Surely that “S” has to mean that something’s different from the normal V20.