Samsung Galaxy Fold review
The new Samsung Galaxy Fold will include a “Hideaway Hinge”
The new Samsung Galaxy Fold is believed to include new features and improvements in 2020 the new “Hideaway Hinge” may be one of them
The Samsung Galaxy S11 may include a new Bright Night camera sensor
The new Samsung Galaxy S11 may include a new Bright Night camera sensor that could improve the photos and videos they capture with low light
Sony Xperia XA3 may have 21:9 “CinemaWide” display
Those 21:9 displays we’ve been peeping at on the Sony Xperia XA3 and XZ4 may have a name to them you’ll hear in ads and other marketing.
Huawei is getting trademark names ready for its foldable device
Huawei is already working on launching its first foldable device ever, and that also includes giving it a name and trademark
Samsung is preparing to deliver something new called ‘Samsung Buds’
We may see new Bluetooth earphones with Bixby digital assistant in the new Samsung Buds that could also be a new name for a known Samsung product
OnePlus’s “Dash Charge” branding might be on the way out
The company said that it was not able to get a trademark on the term in Europe as it conflicted with terms associated with Bragi and Amazon.
A tale of trademarks: Huawei Pay registered in Europe, US
But where will it actually launch, if the long-imagined mobile payments system actually does? Nothing is assured from a trademark application.
Surface Studio, Surface Dial trademarked in Slovenia ahead of Microsoft event
The terms “Surface Dial” and “Dial” were also recently protected, all of them in Slovenia by a company owned by a law firm that Microsoft employs.
Could a Huawei 7P help the company make 140 million shipments this year?
The Chinese manufacturer that made the Google Nexus 6P last year has filed a trademark for a similar name for a potential non-Nexus successor.
Patent and trademark pushes show off an eye-catching Samsung Gear Blink
GoPros? Google Glass? Talk smaller. Smart eyewear may soon come in contact lens form. If Samsung goes through making it, it will have to popularize it.