US lawmakers want sanctions on ZTE enforced if it fails on Trump terms

Chinese telcom player ZTE has plenty of attention from senators as it continues to face punishment from sanctions violations and fraud.

Smartphone glass vendor aids FBI sting against Huawei

A glass vendor has been on a twisty ride with Huawei, the FBI and claims that its intellectual property may have been stolen.

Huawei CFO on bail in Canada, will return to court February 6

But the legal system in Canada is considering the US Justice Departments request to expedite her south to face fraud charges on sanctions breahes.

Trump: US consumers can easily stand 10 percent tariffs on iPhones

Donald Trump believes that the average American consumer is willing to pay an extra $75 on an iPhone or $120 on a MacBook.

Turkish iPhone boycott called for after Trump tariffs, currency meltdown

The Lira is at its all-time low against the currency market thanks to a big metals tariff straight out of Donald Trump’s administration.

China pressures Apple in trade war with US through media commentary

The column in People’s Daily suggests that Apple pay up in China if trade relations with the United States continue slumping.

Note 9, Unbreakable | #PNWeekly 315

The Galaxy Note 9 apparently will get Fortnite as a launch exclusive, but will that really help sales out? Will tariffs ruin everything? It’s all on our show today!

Wearied Qualcomm gives up on acquiring NXP

A $44 billion deal is going down the drain because it needs approval from Chinese regulators. The US and China are in a complicated relationship right now.

ZTE finally makes escrow payment to get out of US imports ban

Step by step, Chinese manufacturer ZTE is taking steps to comply with a new list of punishments to be able to buy American products again.

Kuo: LCD iPhone is not late, but look for new MacBook Air and iPad Pro with Face ID

Famous (or infamous) Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo is back at a new investment firm and is tackling some predictions on what the company has to offer soon.

Senate passes defense bill locking Huawei and ZTE out of US

President Trump will apparently brush against the will of Congress to lock Huawei and ZTE out of the US market, setting us up for a showdown.

US places tech tariff on China, but smartphones are not affected

Donald Trump ordered the tariffs citing “unfair practices” in intellectual property use. Mobile technology is not directly affected in the new levies.

ZTE back on stock market, investors take away $3 billion

ZTE had market value of $20 billion before it was subjected to a ban on importing US products. It has now garnered at least $7 billion in immediate losses.

Congress could still effectively ban ZTE from getting US parts

The Commerce Department might have given the Chinese tech manufacturer a way out of its imports ban, but the Senate is right behind it to keep it locked in.

ZTE imports ban won’t be lifted until it pays $1.4 billion in penalties

That’s $1 billion straight to the US Commerce Department and another $400 million lodged with an American escrow account.

ZTE’s troubles are far from over, with market confidence in shreds and internal struggles

Chinese tech giant ZTE is not out of the woods yet, looking at a serious vacuum power caused by mandatory executive reforms and partner skepticism.

Congress hears that Commerce Department will revise ZTE punishment

ZTE will face a larger fine for breaking trade sanctions and must submit to strict compliance measures and management changes.

ZTE has lost $3.1 billion under the effects of US imports ban

It’s been about a month since the Commerce Department locked ZTE out of products from American companies. Lawmakers want to make sure that stays the case.

US-China trade talks closing in on tariff lifts, ZTE relief

The Chinese tech manufacturer seems to be headed back into business if the United States and Chinese trade delegations keep on track.

House leaders lock Trump administration out of funds to save ZTE

The legislative branch has blocked the executive branch from using federal funds to tinker with its imports ban on the Chinese tech manufacturer.

Political backlash grows against Trump’s helping hand to ZTE

As the executive branch attempts to hand out an olive branch to a Chinese tech company struggling under its crush, in doing so, it sets out to undermine efforts by the legislative branch on cybersecurity.

China reportedly tied trade concessions to ZTE appeal, US denies link

Beijing would be willing to let tariffs on US agricultural goods go if Washington would let some of ZTE’s punishment go as well.

President Trump tweets about helping ZTE “get back into business, fast”

Trump said that he’s working with Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping to prevent “too many jobs in China” from being lost. ZTE is under an imports ban from the Commerce Department.

Chinese trade delegation meeting US asking for leniency on ZTE

Beijing is asking Washington to allow the Chinese tech manufacturer to make a direct appeal against a ban on importing American products.
Huawei P20 Pro review

Huawei caught between US and China trade divide

The United States is casting aspersions against the likes of Huawei, which has taken losses of different sorts in recent times, while the Chinese government continues to stand its ground.