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OEMs: If you’re going to mod that far, give us a path back to stock
My mother-in-law got a new phone but couldn’t use it, it was so dissimilar from her old one. Please, OEMs, give us a path back to stock!
Four ways full-sized Android tablets (still) aren’t ready for primetime
A new wave of large-screened Android tablets is here, courtesy of Samsung and Sony. Here’s 4 ways their software doesn’t live up to the hardware (yet).
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – After The Buzz, episode 028
It’s been 4 months since Samsung unveiled the world’s most capable phablet. Learn how well it’s held up since in After The Buzz: Galaxy Note 3 review redux!
Samsung spitballing: what might TouchWiz 6 look like?
Samsung’s Android UI, or “skin,” has never won many popularity contests. Read our speculation on what the company might bring to the table in TouchWiz 6.
Pocketnow Weekly 048: Galaxy S 5 rumors meet Nokia EOS leaks in back alley, nasty knife fight ensues
Yes, there’s more to today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast than Galaxy S 5 rumors. Also inside: iOS 7, Galaxy S 4 Zoom, & Nokia EOS salivating! Give it a listen!
Early Adopters: How’s Your Galaxy S 4 Treating You?
The Galaxy S 4 is finally widely available. Read our own early-adopter thoughts, and hear from others who picked it up in the first days of its release!
Galaxy S 4 vs Lumia 920 (Video)
The Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920 go head-to-head in this Android-vs-Windows Phone smackdown. Watch our video to see who comes out on top!
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review
The Galaxy S 4 is the most anticipated Android smartphone of the year. But does its conservative design disappoint? Read our full review to find out.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast: HTC One vs Galaxy S IV Special Edition
The biggest Android smartphones of the year are launching within weeks of one another. Listen in as we weigh the pros and cons of, and our hopes and fears for, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S IV.
Samsung Gets Official With Its Galaxy Chat, The ICS QWERTY Model From Earlier This Week
Samsung’s Galaxy Chat will be available around the globe, starting in Spain later this month.
Samsung Galaxy S III Review (Sprint)
It may be tacky, but Samsung hits the nail right on the head with the Galaxy S III’s marketing tagline. Especially for Sprint customers, “the next big thing” is indeed here.
These Galaxy S III Features Are Useless … Without Another Galaxy S III
Samsung is pushing some features that not only require the presence of another phone; they demand that the other phone also be a Galaxy S III. They’re like those opportunistic semi-friends you had in high school; the ones who will agree to hang out, but only if a certain set of other friends will be there. Also known as jerks.
Sweet Moves: Gestures and Motion-Based Controls on the Galaxy S III
Gestures in the smartphone world are nothing new, but Samsung includes a lot of gesture and motion-based interactions that make the experience of using the Galaxy S III unlike that of any other Android phone. I’ve done my best to put them to the test on both the international and Sprint versions of the SGS3, and I’ve organized them into a list for your reading enjoyment.