Galaxy S8 lag may get fixed with TouchWiz Home update

There’s this particular little bit of the experience that has particularly bugged those who need to dip into their app drawer that has been paved over.

Galaxy Beta Program shows off TouchWiz’s new name: Samsung Experience

If you have a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge enrolled in the Galaxy Beta Program, you’re going to see no signs of “TouchWiz” anywhere.

This flat Galaxy Note 7 boots up

Why are we talking about the flat Galaxy Note 7? It seems that it’s been canceled. Why lament an aborted project? Masochism?

Samsung Galaxy On7 gets Android Marshmallow

The Samsung Galaxy On7 is getting on with Android Marshmallow starting from today in its available regions, making the jump to version 6.0.1.

Galaxy Beta Program’s “New Note UX” makes app drawer optional

Some Chinese and Korean Note 5 owners are seeing a new TouchWiz UI with the Galaxy Beta Program. Is it a sign of things to come with the Note 7?

Samsung developing TouchWiz with Vulkan, sees battery savings

Not only did performance improve scrolling around the home screen, Samsung says, but there were some remarkable battery savings.

Samsung customer service presentation shows off TouchWiz on Android Marshmallow

We have a more in-depth leaked sneak peek of Samsung’s TouchWiz skin on Android Marshmallow through a customer service rep guide.

Samsung may be setting a very high bar for TouchWiz on the Galaxy S7

Will the Galaxy S7 TouchWiz UI really be as outstanding as these early rumors are making it out to be?

Google rumored to assist Samsung with TouchWiz optimization

Is Samsung really asking the company in charge of Android for help with its UI? Check out the rumors of a Google-optimized TouchWiz.

Are themes slowing down the Galaxy S6? (Poll)

Samsung’s latest smartphone ships with some very nice software customizations. But are these Galaxy S6 themes taking a toll on its performance?

Further changes rumored for Samsung Galaxy S6 software

Has Samsung partnered with Microsoft for pre-loaded Galaxy S6 software bloat?
Consistent UI

A consistent UI across manufacturers is more important than custom skins

A consistent UI across all Android allies is much more important than individual OEMs differentiating through proprietary skins just to be different.

How Samsung might dial-down bloat on TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6

Hear about one way Samsung may be able to kill bloat with its upcoming Galaxy S6 TouchWiz release.

Samsung Galaxy S 6 TouchWiz could be as light as the UI on Google’s Nexus 6

The Samsung Galaxy S 6 TouchWiz might be on a heavy diet, and, according to reports, it could be as light as the UI on Google’s Nexus 6. Read more!

Back on Samsung after a long hiatus

After almost a year of using only the stock Android experience, I’m back on Samsung devices again. What I missed (and what I didn’t).

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: the phone the Galaxy S5 should have been (almost)

Samsung’s prettiest-ever smartphone is a little late, but it’s here– and it’s the phone the Galaxy S5 should have been. Join us for our Galaxy Alpha review!

Early Android L build for Galaxy S5 leaks on video

Curious how Google’s next platform update will affect Samsung’s 2014 flagship? Take a look at the newly published Galaxy S5 Android L preview video.
path back to stock

OEMs: If you’re going to mod that far, give us a path back to stock

My mother-in-law got a new phone but couldn’t use it, it was so dissimilar from her old one. Please, OEMs, give us a path back to stock!

Samsung planning far-reaching Android software changes under Google pressure?

Get the details on the changes to Samsung Android software that may in the works following Google demands.

Samsung patent apps reveal possible smartphone UI changes

See why it looks like Samsung UI hot corners may be a feature in a future revision of TouchWiz.

New Samsung tablets, Pebble Steel, US Sony Xperias & more CES – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Sony’s recent annoucement of…

Leak teases new direction for TouchWiz on Samsung phones

Get a look at what just might be the next major revision of the Samsung smartphone UI.

Are we too hard on TouchWiz? (Poll)

Read up on some of the issues we have with Samsung’s custom UI, and participate in our TouchWiz poll to let us know what you really think about the software

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unboxing (Video)

Amid the tearing of cardboard and the popping of bubble wrap, the villagers shout “free the beast!” The Galaxy Note 3 unboxing is happening; come watch.

Samsung may have finally nailed a decent Galaxy Note tablet

Samsung may be the king of smartphones, but every single time they’ve…