Apple patents Touch ID alternative for the Mac

Learn more about Apple’s new patent to bring a Touch ID alternative for the Mac, as fingerprint services continue to become ubiquitous

Advanced biometrics and the ears who use them

Advanced biometrics, including iris scanning and ear scanning may be coming. We already have thumbprints. Where will it end?

Time to send the home button home?

Apple’s home button has been on every iPhone for the past seven years and takes up a lot of room on an already too big phone. Time for it to go away?
Finger biting

With TouchID, Apple gives competitors the finger

With TouchID, Apple out-classed its competitors before they even had their hardware released. TouchID’s value is that it takes value away from others.

Pocketnow Weekly 086: @evleaks

He’s the world’s most notorious leaker – and on this week’s show, he sits down for an interview. @evleaks joins us for the Pocketnow Weekly; you should too.

Pocketnow Weekly 073: LG G Flex and Moto G chat with MKBHD

A lot went down in mobile this week, with most attention centered on Motorola and our just-published LG G Flex review. Tune in for our weekly wrap-up with MKBHD!

Apple’s Touch ID biometrics could lead to more outside of mobile

Apple’s Touch ID biometrics could lead to more biometric security outside of the tech world. It could be the best way to get the tech into the public mind.