HTC Vive won’t follow on from Oculus Rift price cut

The Oculus Rift headset and Touch controller are both $100 off from this point on and a complete system now costs $598 compared to the Vive’s $799.

Oculus Connect 3: Touch controller, spec bar lowered and another headset?

Controllers went up for pre-order, a pair of headphones will, too, the minimum PC specifications to support Rift has gone down and a standalone VR headset.

TomTom unveils body composition-tracking smartband, two new GPS fitness watches

GPS technology specialist TomTom has a trio of intriguing new smart wearables in the pipeline, including a body fat-measuring activity tracker.

Oculus Rift supply finally catches up with demand, Touch controller coming in the fall

The Oculus Rift is no longer backordered, shipping to new adopters in 4 business days tops, and its highly anticipated controllers are around the corner.

Remember when smartphones came with a ton of accessories?

Unboxing videos are shells of their former selves, because no OEMs bundle cool accessories anymore. Wax nostalgic with us with some smartphone memories.

Pocketnow Throwback: HTC Touch (Video)

We’re too busy nowadays rocking our quad-core smartphones with their 720p displays but we continue to look back in time and check out those phones which represented important milestones in the history of a company, platform or the user experience in general. We take a look at the HTC Touch from 2007.