LG G6 aces painful durability tests, proving it’s a premium metal-and-glass beast

Yes, the LG G6 is as robust as it is beautiful, containing just premium metal and glass to resist bends, scratches and general light abuse.

Wasp waist, robust body: Moto Z passes bend test with flying colors (video)

Even though it’s (rightfully) billed as the world’s thinnest premium smartphone, at 5.2mm, the Motorola Moto Z doesn’t look very easy to bend.

Samsung stands by Galaxy S7 Active IP68 rating

After Consumer Reports decided not to recommend the Galaxy S7 Active for purchase after it failed two water immersion tests, Samsung responded.

Galaxy S7 Active fails Consumer Reports water test

Consumer Reports tested two Galaxy S7 Active devices and both of them stopped working properly after being immersed in water.

Somebody decided to see if the Xperia X is waterproof

The Xperia X Performance is rated for protection against water. The Xperia X isn’t. But it seems that it can last a moment underwater… with a catch.

A freezer, a pool, and multiple drops: how we smashed the AT&T Kyocera DuraForce XD (Video)

The Kyocera Duraforce XD gives off a monster first impression, but how well does that thicker, reinforced casing, stand up to tough conditions?

Apple Watch Sport almost survives torture test, and we mean almost

Learn more about how the Apple Watch Sport behaved in a torture test, as it seems that it can take a good beating, but not all of them.

LG G Flex 2 self-healing test: time heals most wounds (Video)

In this video we’re taking a look at the LG G Flex 2 self-healing, which is supposed to be improved over the one featured on the original G Flex. Check out this torture test.

Is the LG G Flex really self-healing? Here’s the real-world test (Video)

LG’s unique curved smartphone doesn’t mind bending over backward – but how good is the LG G Flex self healing tech? Watch our real-world test to find out!

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Honda Accord – Torture Test (Video)

The common saying these days is that they don’t make anything like…