TL;DR: The Nex Band should be for kids
The Nex Band isn’t a fitness band and it isn’t a smartwatch. But it does light up in many colors and can help you hack away at some life lessons.
TL;DR: Why does everyone get lost on their way to lunch?
Every time an assistant is demoed, it always includes a scenario where someone’s meeting someone from lunch. Often, they’re late. What the heck?
flip camera
Reversible cameras: genius or gimmick? (TL/DR)
Camera modules take up space, are fairly expensive, and putting two of them in your phone sounds crazy. Is the solution reversible cameras?
Six years later we’re still writing about webOS
It has been six years since it debuted at CES 2009. More importantly it’s been three years since it was killed, and yet we’re still writing about webOS.
TLDR: I’m not impressed by material design
Material design is supposed to be all the hotness. I gave it the benefit of the doubt until I held it, but now it’s still a big ball of meh.
Can HERE Maps compete with the likes of Google?
Nokia is spreading the reach of its mapping service by offering it on Android. Read why HERE Maps on Android doesn’t stand a chance beside Google Maps…yet.
Apple should have waited to release the iPhone 6 Plus
The iPhone 6 Plus sold out practically everywhere. Take this poll and tell us if you think Apple should have waited until it had enough iPhone 6 Plus stock.
OEMs, just forget about the capacitive stylus already
Why are OEMs still messing with the capacitive stylus. Read why, at best, it’s a half-measure any how they could learn something from Samsung.
path back to stock
OEMs: If you’re going to mod that far, give us a path back to stock
My mother-in-law got a new phone but couldn’t use it, it was so dissimilar from her old one. Please, OEMs, give us a path back to stock!
How do you secure your smartphone? (Poll)
Smartphone security concerns are higher than ever. How do you protect your sensitive data and information? Take our poll and let us know!
If “Prime” smartphones are truly better, they should come out first
Both Samsung and HTC have been in the rumor mill of developing prime smartphones after releasing their flagships. I’m calling shenanigans.
Microsoft’s app ‘Files’. What took you so long?
A new Microsoft app Files is available for Windows Phone 8.1. It’s a nice file manager, but what took you so long, Microsoft?
Android back button, tldr
Android’s back button is still a ball of confusion and inconsistency
Android’s buttons are confusing. The back button is particularly frustrating: sometimes working, sometimes not — with different behaviors across devices.
64-bit SoCs for Android aren’t even out, have you already stopped caring? (Poll)
64-bit architecture for Android won’t arrive for months. Have you already lost interest? Take our poll on 64-bit SoCs for Android and share your thoughts!
There can be only one….One
There are too many “One” phones coming out lately. There should be only one at any given time. It is the loneliest number after all.
Will Windows Phone 8.1 see a new version of Office?
There’s been a lot of press about the new Microsoft Office for iPad apps. What about Windows Phone? Will it ever see an Office upgrade?
Desperately seeking surprise: what we don’t know about the All New HTC One
The All New HTC One specs have almost all been spilled – but a few areas of mystery remain for those of us who like a surprise. Here’s our short list!
Would you quit the Internet if net neutrality dies? (Poll)
What if net neutrality dies? It’s a question that should be on everyone’s mind. Take our poll and tell us what you will do if net neutrality dies.
When is a gimmick not a gimmick?
Samsung has been accused in the past of stuffing their phones full on gimmick, but water resistance is not one of those gimmicks. Here’s why.
When do you put your tech to bed?
Technology can easily be the cause of your lack of sleep and grogginess during the day. Read why you should consider a technology curfew!
Goodbye LogMeIn, hello TeamViewer
Since LogMeIn is ending free accounts, find out about an alternative that’s better than LogMeIn ever was; TeamViewer.
My fondest tech wish for 2014: a global away message
I have many phones, but even if I didn’t, I’d still want an away message I could use across every messaging app. And if you thought about it, you would too.
TLDR: Call quality versus camera quality
It seems terribly ironic that most phone users today consider camera quality more important than call quality. We take a look at that phenomenon here.
What to look for from 2014 smartphone cameras
This year was a big year for smartphone cameras, but the next could be even bigger. Read about what you should expect from smartphone cameras in 2014!
TLDR: I returned my Nexus 5
Want to know why I returned my Nexus 5, despite being one of the most desirable Android phones of the moment? Read this to find out!