Pole position: Galaxy S9, LG G7, RED Hydrogen One | #PNWeekly 289

On this week’s show: the flagship smartphones of 2018 begin to reveal themselves in mysterious ways and the app and ecosystem shutdowns that flew by.

After Title II repeal, AT&T vouches for “Internet Bill of Rights”

AT&T’s clarion call is raising doubts from net neutrality activists given its support for the repeal of Title II protections. That said, one thing’s for sure: new laws would cement things up.

FCC’s Pai, Carr, Reilly lead party-line vote to dismantle Title II protections for ISPs; net neutrality at risk

The commission’s three Republican members voted against the two Democratic members to remove regulations that activists say promoted net neutrality.

FCC chairman complains about Twitter, waves hatchet at net neutrality rules

Ajit Pai attacked the microblogging platform at an event held by a libertarian think tank for its “liberal” values while promoting his Title II rollback.

FCC will vote to kill Title II web protections, hurt net neutrality on December 14

The Open Internet Order equalized internet access after a raft of conflicts between content providers and internet providers. It may be killed.