Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re a new Samsung smartphone¬†user or have been using Galaxy devices for years, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have a steep learning curve if you want to get the most out of these phones. Check out these Galaxy S9 tips and tricks!

4 Mobile Photography Tips: improve your pictures on the go (video)

We’ve got four mobile photography tips for you in the video below, which will definitely help you take your imagery to the next (or to a decent) level.

Improve your smartphone photography: What is metering?

Why does your camera shoot too dark or too bright after you focus? It’s probably because of metering. What is metering? Here’s how to improve your photos!

9 Tips to improve battery life on your iPhone

Are you trying to avoid charging your phone during the day? Here are 9 Tips to improve battery life on your iPhone, though you might not want to use them…

8 Tips to improve battery life on Android phones

Looking to improve battery life? Want to get the most run time you can away from a charger? Here are 8 tips to improve battery life on Android phones. – Interactive way to learn OK Google commands

Need help remembering what Google Now can do on your Android phone? Here’s an interactive way to learn OK Google commands!

Photography terms defined for smartphone photographers (video)

Smartphone cameras are improving rapidly. ‘Photography Terms Defined’ should help you improve the content you shoot from your phone.

How to get the cigarette smell out of a smoker’s phone

We’ll teach you how to remove cigarette smell from a phone, whether yours, or purchased from a smoker. Check it out!

8 things you didn’t know you could do with the BlackBerry Priv

Just picked up a BlackBerry Priv and feeling bamboozled by all the options? Here’s some of our favorite little features from BlackBerry’s first Android!
Android Marshmallow Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode: Android Marshmallow finally got it right

Android has gone through a few iterations of its Do Not Disturb mode, but hasn’t gotten it right – until Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Nexus Quick Charge Explained

Nexus Quick Charging explained

Qualcomm has its Quick Charge and OPPO has VOOC; neither of which is what powers Google’s new Nexus phones. Here’s how Nexus Quick Charge works.
cellular data usage

Five ways to keep your cellular data usage under control

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to minimize your cellular use. Here are 5 data-saving methods to help keep your cellular data usage to a minimum?
Vacation tech tips

7 vacation tech tips to make your next adventure better

When traveling on vacation your tech should be there to make your trip more enjoyable, not detract from it. Here are 7 vacation tech tips to do just that!

Networking tweaks to help your Android perform better, faster, and safer

Here are a few Android networking tweaks to mitigate risks, improve your performance, and maybe even improve your battery life in the process!

3 things you should do to improve your Android Security right now

Your phone is pretty important to you, and you’ve got a lot of private data on it. Here are 3 ways to improve your Android security – before it’s too late!
5GHz WiFi

Here’s why you should use 5GHz WiFi instead of 2.4GHz

With keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, microwaves and even wearables using 2.4GHz, here’s why 5GHz WiFi is a good idea!

Tips and tricks for iOS 7 (Video)

Apple’s latest version of iOS, version 7, is finally available to the public. Watch this iOS 7 tips and tricks video to learn about the hidden features!
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Three Tweaks to Make Android Just a Little Bit Faster

Other than hacking your phone, what other ways can you to right now to make your Android go just a little bit faster?