AT&T jacks administrative fee from 76 cents to $2 per month

That’s a hike of approximately 260 percent. What’s up with this rocket and what does this mean for people who have lines with AT&T?
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AT&T closes on Time Warner acquisition

The second-largest wireless carrier just got bigger, but not in the way that would help build its network. Instead, it’s building its content offerings.

AT&T can buy Time Warner as judge shuts down Department of Justice

The deal was being contested out of concern that AT&T would hike up premium channel packages and retransmission fees in negotiation with competitors.
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Media pickups are part of AT&T and Verizon plans for tracked ads

In addition to acquiring programming and platforms, there are also customers to have as well. That’s more data and that’s more ads.
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20

In AT&T-Time Warner merger trial, US government wants CNN parent to be spun off

The Department of Justice wants to separate Turner Broadcasting, which owns several basic and premium cable channels, from satellite TV provider DIRECTV, owned by AT&T.

AT&T can defend Time Warner deal from US government with arbitration clause

If AT&T were to subsume Time Warner, it would commit to binding arbitration over the license fees of channels like CNN and HBO with its distributor counterparts.

Judge denies AT&T’s request to see White House thoughts on Time Warner acquisition

The Department of Justice also wants to prevent AT&T from arguing that politics played a role in the government’s decision to go after this deal.

Casey Neistat to leave CNN, Beme will shut down

The video-sharing app turned digital news operation failed to pick up ground. 22 jobs are at risk while CNN reportedly writes down more than $20 million.

Conflict! Qualcomm, AT&T, Google and Amazon | #PNWeekly 282 (Audio)

Qualcomm debuts the Snapdragon 845 chipset, the courts open up for AT&T and Trump’s Justice Department and YouTube’s hating on Amazon on our show.

Department of Justice v. AT&T may determine fate of Time Warner starting in March

It’s an antitrust case on a distributor’s acquisition of a content provider. In this case, AT&T paying $85 billion for Time Warner.

Department of Justice wants to block AT&T from buying Time Warner

The agency has filed a lawsuit and will have to prove that the deal between a supplier and distributor would harm competition. Is CNN the breaking point?

AT&T reportedly asked to dump CNN, other assets in order to buy Time Warner

The Department of Justice reportedly required AT&T to sell Turner Broadcasting, owner of CNN and other brands, to go through with the $85 billion deal.

Post-Time Warner, AT&T to split between telecom and media groups

It would essentially house two business piles under the one roof: a telecom business and a media business made up of the Time Warner acquisition.

Szechuan sauce with your VR? ‘Rick and Morty’ on Vive, Oculus April 20

It’s gonna be called “Virtual Rick-ality” and the first thing you’ll wanna touch is the Plumbus. Not sure if the latest bit about Szechuan sauce is in.

AT&T Unlimited Plus subscribers get free HBO with or without DirecTV Now

In addition to all the monthly data you can eat, AT&T Unlimited Plus subscriptions come with premium HBO access at no extra charge.

Fewer AT&T exclusives, more Verizon exclusives in the US market

AT&T is leaning back on its old strategy of nailing device exclusives while its biggest competitor is committing to the opposite with stellar results.

AT&T and Time Warner effectively cleared for deal by FCC’s Pai

Chairman Ajit Pai does not foresee his agency scrutinizing the $85.4 billion deal between a telco conglomerate and a media giant.

T-Mobile M&A chatter could dominate US telecom news in 2017

Financial analyst think a Sprint acquisition of T-Mobile is a moonshot while US Cellular getting taken over by T-Mobile is likely also not to happen.

CNN buys out Beme, app shutting down January 31

The deal, with a rumored valuation of about $25 million, will bring Beme into the folds of the news organization with a new mission.

Analysts say Sprint and T-Mobile are acquisition targets

T-Mobile has previously expressed interest in getting bought. Sprint tried to merge with T-Mobile a few years ago, but it could find value in a buyer.

AT&T buys Time Warner for $85 billion

The deal values Time Warner shares at $107.50 and represents a consolidation between a bevy of content networks and a diversified distribution network.

Bloomberg: AT&T and Time Warner in acquisition talks

Time Warner is claimed to be open for talks to sell itself, but it did not sell itself to Rupert Murdoch nor to Tim Cook. Will AT&T be the magic buyer?

Apple’s next big media move might be a Time Warner acquisition

Rumors of interest in an Apple Time Warner acquisition may set the stage for the tech giant’s move into TV and movie content.