Apple silicon
Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Mini, AirPods Studio U1 Chip Details LEAKED! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the upcoming iPhone 12 mini, the launch date for the OnePlus 8T 5G, and more.
TikTok avoids ban and closes deal with Oracle and Walmart
TikTok has reached a deal that will keep it alive in the United States and safe from possible bans
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USA bans TikTok, WeChat from Play Store and App Store
TikTok and WeChat are going to be banned in the US.
TikTok US operations
ByteDance is not selling TikTok’s US operations to Oracle or Microsoft: Report
The TikTok saga continues.
ByteDance is looking for alternatives to TikTok sale
It seems that the video streaming app TikTok may not be purchased by a US company, or at least not as a whole.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 FINALLY Makes Sense! (video)
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Chinese government could now block TikToK sale to US companies
Take a look and find out how the Chinese government may now be looking to block a possible TikTok deal with US companies
TikTok US operations
Walmart is joining hands with Microsoft to purchase TikTok’s US operations
Microsoft’s deal to purchase TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand falls in the range of $20 billion to $30 billion.
TikTok US operations
TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer quits amid turmoil
In the interim, current TikTok general manager Vanessa Pappas will lead the company.
Pixel 5
Pocketnow Daily: Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G Design: Hey Google, You Sure? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the latest leak of the Google Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a, the refresh rates in the iPhone 12 display, and more.
TikTok US operations
TikTok files lawsuit against Trump administration over executive order that threatens US ban
TikTok claims that the executive order did not provide any hard evidence and neither did it justify such a harsh punitive action.
Galaxy Z Fold 2
The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets leaked on TikTok
Check out the latest video leak of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 that was posted at TikTok
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Oracle challenges Microsoft to acquire TikTok’s US business: Report
Microsoft now has a serious contender in the race to acquire TikTok’s US operations
New executive order gives ByteDance 90 days to sell TikTok
It seems that US companies will have more time to buy TikTok’s US operations from ByteDance, as President Trump has given the company 90 days to close a deal
Bytedance is reportedly engaging with Reliance for investment in TikTok’s India business
ByteDance has told its employees that it is in conversation with the Indian government to resolve privacy concerns.
TikTok was found tracking users and secretly collecting data
The social media app TikTok was recently discovered collecting MAC addresses from its users and bypassing Android’s built-in protections
iPhone se
Pocketnow Daily: iPhone Sales to FALL if WeChat is Banned? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about how a possible WeChat ban could affect iPhone sales, TikTok actions against Trump’s ban, and more.
TikTok is reportedly suing Trump administration over executive order threatening a ban
TikTok claims that the national security justification for issuing the executive order that threatens to ban the popular social media app in the US is baseless.
TikTok names the creators who will be paid for their content from its $200 million fund
The list of creators that will be paid by TikTok for their content includes David Dobrik, Jess Andrade, Matt Broussard and Alex Stemplewski among others.
Twitter purportedly expresses interest in acquiring TikTok US operations
Twitter has reportedly approached TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance to express interest in acquiring the US operations of the video-sharing app.
TikTok expresses shock in statement responding to President Trump’s executive order
The ByteDance-owned social media company suggests it might take legal aid to ease the situation.
Microsoft could buy TikTok’s entire global business including India and Europe (Update)
Microsoft is chasing a deal to buy all of TikTok’s global business: Report.
Trump executive order blocks transactions with Bytedance if TikTok is not sold within 45 days
Starting September 20, any US entity will be prohibited from doing transactions with ByteDance citing a threat to national security and privacy.