Sprint Unlimited Premium is $90 a month with Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tidal, big hotspot
Sprint had already offered these tie-ins with auxiliary services in one way or another, but not at this discounted price and with big data bonuses.
Sprint Unlimited Plus goes up to $70 per month while Unlimited Basic goes to $60
The plans go into effect from July 13 with a price jump for more data and music goodies and discounts for first-weekend subscribers.
Essential Phone gets Audio Adapter HD mod, Tidal freebie and audio-improving update
The Essential Phone will soon be compatible with a premium sound accessory, already supporting master-quality audio, and scoring free Tidal content.
TIDAL losing music as it fails to pay royalties
Norwegian press have been looking into whether the hi-fi music streaming platform fudged listening numbers for its showcased songs.
TIDAL fighting to survive through 2018
Jay-Z’s streaming music service is internally expected to make money next year, but not before it hits zero on the bank balance.
LG V30 gets sound checked with another Quad DAC system from ESS Technology
Other audio boosts include better audio streams with help from the company making TIDAL possible and B&O Play with free headphones.
Spotify Hi-Fi price and feature tests go out on social media
Spotify Hi-Fi, as far as we know, has all of the features of Spotify Premium, but takes up streaming quality to lossless and give incentives to get vinyl.