The worst operating system of all time!

Let’s go back a few years to see the worst operating system of all time, Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Sony Vaio Tablet P

The Best Galaxy Note You Didn’t Buy (The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the boom)

Let’s remember the beauty that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after it got a new name and lost its explosive personality
Lumia 1020 throwback

Lumia 1020 Throwback! Can HMD & Nokia disrupt like this again? (video)

We’re seeing rumors of a Nokia 10, an exciting number for us old Lumia fans. Could this finally be our follow up to the Lumia 1020? Can HMD and Nokia disrupt the industry again with something so innovative as the Lumia 1020 was back in its day?

When tablets were clamshells: Sony Tablet P throwback review (Video)

Once upon a time, the Sony Tablet P tried to convince us that a foldable tablet was the way to go. How’d that work out for everyone?

5 essential mobile phone features (that no one cares about anymore)

Loud ringtones, custom carrier strings, push-to-talk and more: here’s a few mobile phone features that have come and gone over the years.

Pocketnow Throwback: Sony CLIÉ PEG-NR70 (Video)

In 2003, few PDAs came close to the feature set of the Sony Clie NR70. Twelve years later, we take another look at one of the boldest handheld ever made!

LG pulls a Samsung, screens get touchy-feely, and we go dark with Blackphone | Pocketnow Weekly 108

Between the Blackphone, our Nexus giveaway, and about 80 different flavors of LG G3, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover on this week’s podcast. Tune in!

Pocketnow Throwback: Dell Venue Pro (Video)

It’s the phone that pushed the boundaries – and pushed Dell out of the smartphone business in the process. Join us for our throwback Dell Venue Pro Review!

Pocketnow Weekly 087: the calm before the #ANHO

TabPRO reviews; iOS 7.1 impressions; Windows Phone 8.1 vids with a soothing beat. All that and more on another pre-#ANHO episode of the Pocketnow Weekly!

Pocketnow Throwback: HTC HD2 (Video)

It’s the most hacked smartphone of all time, and even after 5 years, it’s still impressing us. Join Pocketnow for this throwback review of 2009’s HTC HD2!

Throwback unboxing: HTC HD2 (Video)

We’re taking another crack at our HTC HD2 review for nostalgia’s sake – but first we have to unbox it! Join us as we take a trip back to 2009 to do so!

HTC Mogul / HTC Titan: Pocketnow Throwback (Video)

The HTC Mogul (aka HTC Titan/PPC-6800) was one of the most powerful smartphones of its day. Come with us back to 2007 to rediscover this QWERTY behemoth.

RETROMOTO: a look back at Motorola’s golden oldies

From 2003 to 2014, Motorola’s mobile history is a storied one. Join us for a look back at the company’s most memorable smartphones in this retrospective.

How far we’ve come: Google’s Nexus legacy, 2010-2014

Rumor has it the Nexus smartphone line might be looking at retirement. True or not, we thought it a good excuse to take a look back at Google Nexus history.

iPhone (1st-gen) Throwback

Isn’t it amazing how one single product can either dent or shape…

Pocketnow Weekly 063: Apple soars, BlackBerry plummets, and HTC & Beats divorce

Apple can’t meet iPhone demand as the Galaxy Note 3 hits shelves, and meanwhile nothing can save poor BlackBerry. All this & more, on Pocketnow Weekly 063.

The T-Mobile G1 shows us Android fragmentation doesn’t matter

Some might think the T-Mobile G1 has no use today. Here are some things that you can still do today, and evidence that Android Fragmentation doesn’t matter.

Remember when smartphones came with a ton of accessories?

Unboxing videos are shells of their former selves, because no OEMs bundle cool accessories anymore. Wax nostalgic with us with some smartphone memories.

Pocketnow Throwback: T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream review (Video)

The HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 launched the Android age in 2008. Join us for a Pocketnow Throwback, complete with your tweets, in our HTC Dream review redux!

Throwback unboxing: HTC Dream/G1 (Video)

Watch us unpack a like-new HTC Dream/G1, then stay tuned for our full Throwback Review, with live reader feedback! Watch the HTC G1 unboxing at Pocketnow.

Pocketnow Weekly 047: Nokia EOS rumors, webOS sentimentalism, & a whole lotta outtakes

From nostalgic looks at webOS to the latest Nokia EOS rumors, we talk a ton of tech on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast. Join us!

Hello, old friend: Palm Pre throwback unboxing (Video)

It’s been 4 years since webOS launched, and nearly 2 years since its summary execution. Join us for a Palm Pre unboxing to honor this late, great platform.

Pocketnow Throwback Review: Motorola Q (Video)

The Motorola Q changed the direction of smartphones forever. Join us as we take a nostalgic look at this groundbreaking Windows Mobile device from 2006.

Pocketnow Throwback Review: Motorola i930 (Video)

The Motorola i930 was a rare clamshell Windows Mobile smartphone built for Sprint Nextel in 2005. Watch our video to take a nostalgic trip to yesteryear and explore this one-of-a-kind iDEN phone.

Rotating Cameras Are Yesterday’s News, But They Shouldn’t Be

There’s a better way to do cameras on mobile phones. Read about how we solved this problem nearly ten years ago, then ignored all the lessons we learned.