Processor throttling is coming to the iPhone XS and XR with iOS 13.1

You are getting processor throttling in your iPhone XS and XR with the latest update of iOS 13.1, that will also solve other bugs in your device

Senators confront FCC on carriers throttling streaming video

Lawmakers want answers as to if the nation’s wireless networks are throttling their customers’ streaming video without proper disclosure or even reason.

To all the 2018 tech we… tolerated? | #PNWeekly 338

We are wrapping up the year in mobile tech news from Apple’s battery throttling bungle to the nightmare and adrenaline rush that was Techtober!
Huawei P20 Pro review

Huawei’s hawkish stance on background apps leads VLC to ban its phones from using the app

Huawei is very protective against background apps sucking up battery life from its customers’ phones, but VLC media streamers know what they’re doing.

Apple has apparently solved its latest MacBook Pro throttling problem

MacBook Pro throttling problem might be no more after Apple has delivered an update that has made the CPU’s temperature and clock speeds stable

The MacBook Pro throttling problem could be fixed with software

The MacBook Pro could soon leave its recent CPU throttling problems in the past, or at least that’s what new information suggests

Pocket Nightcap: Buy the damn MacBook Pro (stick with me here)

The truth is that we all make compromises in some way to achieve the goals we want to attain. For the latest generation of MacBook Pro models? Well…

Apple and processor throttling are a thing again, now on the MacBook Pro

Apple has new processor throttling problems affecting the new MacBook Pro with Core i9 chip, the reasons are explained here

Spectrum Mobile begins service with similar terms to Xfinity Mobile

Just like Comcast’s own Xfinity Mobile, the service is offer on top of Verizon’s LTE network and a mesh of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

Xfinity Mobile restricting hotspot and streaming video speeds

Comcast is pulling the purse strings tight on cellular data partly, we presume, to make up costs to Verizon for access to its network and also for profit.

AT&T wants to settle with FTC over throttling on legacy unlimited data plans

The Federal Trade Commission accused AT&T of giving no due notice for throttling the speeds of customers on older unlimited data plans.

Apple retroactively subsidizing iPhone battery replacements

Those who got the battery replaced on their iPhone 6 or newer device at an Apple-sanctioned facility anytime within 2017 are eligible to get $50 back.

Hated one way or another: Notches & Co. | #PNWeekly 298

On this week’s show: Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple and Acer have new hardware, Facebook has newly-revealed problems around the same old concerns and notches, people, notches, what more do you want?

iOS 11.3 arrives for all eligible iPhones and iPads, including new Animoji and battery health info

Mere hours after releasing it exclusively for early adopters of the new 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has started seeding the official iOS 11.3 update for everyone else.

At least 59 iPhone throttling lawsuits could turn into one giant class action lasting many years

Legal experts don’t expect courts to find Apple guilty in a class action lawsuit relating to the iPhone throttling scandal, but Cupertino obviously doesn’t need the prolonged bad publicity.

Apple fails to explain why iPhone throttling was not disclosed to Canadian government

The behavior was covered under umbrella language explaining the measures it took to stop iPhones from suddenly shutting down with the iOS 10.2.1 software update.

Apple: iPhone 8, iPhone X battery management is more robust than older devices

But it’s not because of the software. In fact, there’s a reasonable implication that Apple is claiming that new hardware means no throttling will be warranted in future software updates.

With iPhone battery replacement program, Apple may give rebates to those who paid full price

That’s according to a Senate committee chairman. That committee has released a letter from Apple that answers some of its questions about the program.

iOS 11.3 is coming ‘this spring’ with option to turn off performance throttling, AR updates and more

Anyone with a performance-throttled iPhone will be able to turn off the “power management” feature in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update. AR improvements, new Animoji and Health Records are also coming.

Hopes for Razer Project Linda, crisis at LG Mobile | #PNWeekly 288

On this week’s show: a smartphone-laptop hybrid from Razer could come to market as a show of the company’s newfound dedication to mobile. Plus, is LG going to be releasing a phone this year?

Samsung vehemently rejects any and all ‘planned obsolescence’ accusations

There’s no “planned obsolescence” going on in Samsung’s software update-developing labs, and the chaebol will fully cooperate with Italian antitrust authorities to prove its innocence.
Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus

Both Apple and Samsung targeted by Italian antitrust probe into planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is starting to feel like company policy for Apple, and the main Italian antitrust authority may want to punish both Cupertino and Samsung for that.

Tim Cook says future iOS update will let users turn iPhone performance throttling off

In addition to personally apologizing for the whole power management debacle, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed in a recent interview that iPhone performance throttling will soon be optional.

Apple now facing at least 26 lawsuits for undisclosed iPhone throttling

Untimely disclosure of its throttling practice has garnered Apple some vitriol and litigation from unhappy customers hearing about this for the first time.

Apple will lose iPhone sales with battery replacements

Apple is making up to customers and that make-up will depress sales of iPhones in the coming year. At least that’s what one bank is thinking.