Android O dessert not named in Reddit AMA, but here are some highlights!
By the way, some jokey joke suggestions included “Oak Tree Cookie” and “Oobleck.” But there’s plenty of pertinent stuff to go through.
Samsung Galaxy A phones receive 11 exclusive themes
Free stuff is all well and good. Changing up the look of your home screens is all well and good. Samsung is combing the two concepts for Galaxy A (2016) phone owners.
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Ring in the New Year with a “New” Phone
It’s only January and we won’t see a new phone (of the flagship variant) for several months – but that won’t stop us from making our “old” phone feel new!
Should skinned smartphones include a Material Design theme?
The Graphical User Interface comes with the lay of the land. Each…
Are themes slowing down the Galaxy S6? (Poll)
Samsung’s latest smartphone ships with some very nice software customizations. But are these Galaxy S6 themes taking a toll on its performance?
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Themes are the best thing to happen to Android in years
A good way to add personality to your phone is by applying a theme. In recent years, doing so has been easier said than done – but that could be changing.