Huawei reportedly wanted to steal Apple Watch’s heart sensor

A report claims that Huawei had approached the vendor for Apple’s heart sensors for a contract, but asked many, many detailed questons.

Smartphone glass vendor aids FBI sting against Huawei

A glass vendor has been on a twisty ride with Huawei, the FBI and claims that its intellectual property may have been stolen.

US formally charges Huawei with T-Mobile secrets stealing, sanctions fraud [U]

Huawei is accused of incentivizing its employees to steal trade secrets. It is claimed it also lied to banks about its ties to an Iranian company.

Qualcomm claims Apple stole code to support Intel modems

After antitrust claims against it, Qualcomm is turning the table against Apple for intellectual property theft to drive down modem costs for the iPhone.

Verizon SIM-locking phones again soon to “reduce fraud”

While Verizon pads its move as one that will stop theft and bring it in line with the rest of the industry, it had been bound by the FCC in 2008 to not lock any of its handsets.

More than 300 iPhone X units were stolen in San Francisco on Wednesday, replaced by Friday

It’s getting more and more obvious that Apple’s initial iPhone X inventory situation isn’t as bad as some analysts predicted. At least not in San Francisco.

Apple employees sold user data in China in $7 million scheme

We don’t know if Apple ID holders outside of China are affected by this scam, but we know one thing: the black market for data is white hot.

Two San Diego Apple Stores robbed in a day

Police say that three suspects didn’t even need to use the knives they brought with them — they pulled the display devices off the cords and ran for it.

Off-beat: Apple Store uniforms make iPhone theft a cakewalk

The uniform is a blue tee with an Apple logo on the top right. If you have that, you can “be” an Apple Store employee and walk away with all the iPhones!

Has your phone ever been stolen? (Poll)

Have you ever had your phone stolen? Stolen phones are on the rise, thanks to smartphones. Take our poll and tell us if your phone has been stolen!

US Carriers can now block stolen phones abroad

If your phone was recently stolen and you reported it as such,…