New HTC One (M8) caught massaging benchmark scores
Learn what the new HTC One is doing to manipulate its performance, and why that’s being seen as HTC One benchmark cheating.
HTC exec slams Samsung over “cheap plastic” phones
It’s not just Android users that wonder why we don’t see premium Samsung metal smartphones; HTC gets in on the trash-talking.
Which of the killer 2014 flagships should you choose: HTC One M8, Galaxy S 5, or Xperia Z2?
Which of the 2014 flagships is the best? The One M8? Galaxy S 5? Or Sony’s Xperia Z2? Read out One M8 vs Galaxy S 5 vs Xperia Z2 comparison to find out!
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HTC made a mistake, but maybe it’s one we can live with
When the camera resolution of the HTC One M8 was revealed it was branded as another HTC mistake. But maybe 4 megapixels isn’t such a bad thing.
New HTC One (M8) updates: developer/unlocked sales, teardown
Learn about the new HTC One developer edition, the carrier unlocked version of the phone, and how serviceable the handset might be.
BlinkFeed and Zoe coming to non-HTC Androids
HTC’s BlinkFeed and Zoe, as seen on the all new One, will be making their way to the Play Store for installation on non-HTC Androids.
Who wants a new HTC One (M8) running Windows Phone?
The rumors didn’t pan out last year, but now new sources suggest we might see an HTC Windows Phone M8 edition, based on the all new One.
HTC One (M8) sales: Google Play edition, carrier details
Hankering to purchase HTC’s latest Android? Get the details on where new HTC One (M8) sales are taking place, and what you’ll pay.
How HTC ruined the best phone of the year … again
Now that HTC’s new One is official, does it deliver? We’ve had a chance to review it, and it’s fantastic. Read why the One M8 camera is such a huge letdown.
HTC recruits another celebrity for new One (M8) commercials
Take a look at the just-released HTC new One (M8) commercials, featuring award-winning actor Gary Oldman.
HTC One M8 (2014) review: an elegant smartphone for a more civilized age
Last year’s HTC One was a marvel of a smartphone. We explain why the 2014 edition is the same, only more so, in our HTC One M8 Review!
HTC announces the new One (M8)
After all those rumors, we finally get the official scoop on HTC’s latest flagship, as the company’s HTC One (M8) launch event unfolds in NYC.
Carrier lists new HTC One (M8) a day early
Take a look at what Rogers in Canada did with its HTC One (M8) carrier page, making the content (including full specs) available a day before launch.
New HTC One might not be Verizon launch-day exclusive, after all
Verizon is clearly excited about tomorrow’s launch of the new 2014 HTC…
HTC’s late-stage all new One teaser looks very familiar
See what the latest HTC all new One teaser has in common with the leaks we’ve been enjoying over the past month.
Leaked all new HTC One box hints at launch-day US availability
See the new evidence supporting the idea of even US-based all new HTC One sales beginning immediately after HTC’s launch event.
Verizon gets ready for all new HTC One: pics of poster, case leak
With less than a week to go until launch, All New HTC One Verizon leaks give us a few last-minute teases of the upcoming flagship.
HTC counting down to live stream of all new One’s launch event
Follow the All New HTC One countdown until next Tuesday, when you’ll get your first official chance to see the company’s new flagship in all its glory.
New HTC One specs revealed, and camera resolution is finally among them
Do we finally have our answer for the new HTC One camera resolution mystery? Check out the latest specs to arrive.
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Exactly when will the new HTC One be available for purchase?
Check out what date looks like a possibility, so far as the start to all new HTC One sales is going to go.
Desperately seeking surprise: what we don’t know about the All New HTC One
The All New HTC One specs have almost all been spilled – but a few areas of mystery remain for those of us who like a surprise. Here’s our short list!
All New HTC One videos: latest official teaser, Sense 6 hands-on
Take a look at the two new HTC One videos to arrive over the weekend, a look at Sense 6.0 and a teaser for new Zoe functionality.
Pocketnow Weekly 087: the calm before the #ANHO
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New HTC One tries on some third-party cases; are we SURE it hasn’t launched yet?
There are still two weeks to go until the phone launches, but that’s not stopping one retailer from getting a head start with all new HTC One cases.