T-Mobile Galaxy S9 owners suffer privacy-violating Samsung Messages update
The update allows Samsung Messages to support T-Mobile’s new RCS protocol, but it also apparently sent an entire photo gallery unprompted.
Google leaves Allo for dead, shifting its focus on Android Messages and universal ‘Chat’ technology
Technically, Allo is not dead… just yet. But you may want to switch to Android Messages already, and get ready to forget all about archaic SMS technology.
Meet Neil Papworth, the happenstance pioneer of SMS
25 years later, texting has evolved way beyond its original status as a cellular pager. And it all started with a Christmas party at Vodafone offices.
Android Messages updated with Google Wallet cash transfers
Video calls can be made through the app on Duo while Google Wallet can be used inside Android Messages to move money around.
Google launches Jibe RCS cloud service with Sprint
Sprint will be using Google’s cloud servers to pass along RCS messages, — the imminent step up from SMS — but what does this mean for Allo?
Hangouts out, Duo in for Google apps pre-load package
What once merged SMS and digital chat streams has faded into something different. Duo may take over for what consumers want in communication.
Google’s Allo and Duo will join Hangouts and Messenger
Google’s new messaging services will join two existing ones. Allo, Duo, Hangouts and Messenger all have plenty of medium duplications.
Off-beat: “This is the police, stop asking us for drugs”
Police in Alliance, Ohio, are asking customers of Steve Notman to stop texting the phone they are looking at, asking for more drugs.
Instead of punishing people who text and walk, this German city is encouraging them
If you can’t eliminate texting and walking, embrace it and try to combat it some other way, this German city’s officials must have thought.
Sanity triumphs as movie theater flip-flops on texting-allowed experiment
AMC is sticking with its existing theater texting ban, and backing down from plans to experiment with text-friendly screenings.
New AMC head: PHONES, in theaters soon
AMC’s new CEO wants “Neflix and Chill” millennials to come to the movies. But he doesn’t want to have to ask them to “please cut off your left arm.”
Don’t text and drive in Canada and Texi will reward you
Texting while driving is socially unacceptable in Canada (we’d hope everywhere), but people still do it. Texi hopes incentives will lure people to be safe.
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Is SMS still relevant? (video)
We have so many ways to communicate with each other today, many with voice, video, and attachments, we have to wonder: is SMS still relevant?