Tesla Cybertruck launched: futuristic looking electric pick-up truck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the stage in Los Angeles, California, today to launch the company’s first electric pickup truck, aptly named Tesla Cybertruck
Galaxy Note10 Tesla

Check this out: Samsung Galaxy Note10 Tesla special edition

A recent rumor suggests that Samsung will be releasing a special edition Galaxy Note10 in collaboration with U.S. auto-maker Tesla.

Apple hires Tesla VP for electric powertrains

After Doug Field, Apple has hired another high-ranking Tesla executive. He was in charge of electric powertrains. What does this mean?

Elon Musk reconsiders: Tesla stays public

After talking with shareholders and the Board of Directors, Elon Musk informed everyone via a blog post that Tesla stays public.
Autonomous Car

The State of Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars will change the way we live, day by day. The car industry needs a breath of fresh air to boost the technology to the next step!

Tesla hires Volvo designer to shake-up its EV design

The man behind the renowned design of the Volvo XC40 has apparently left the Swedish manufacturer to join the design team at Tesla.

From Apple to Tesla and back again: Doug Field returns to work on Apple’s Project Titan

After leaving Apple to join Tesla, Doug Field returns to Apple. He will be working on Project Titan, which is Apple’s electric car project.

The “OnePlus 6 can’t Avenge net neutrality” Edition | #PNWeekly 305

Believe it or not, net neutrality has not been saved by this week’s Senate vote. And it probably won’t be if the House and Donald Trump have anything to do with it. That, plus the launch of the OnePlus 6 on this week’s show!

Russian luxury tech brand Caviar creates solar-powered iPhone

It’s named Tesla. No, not Nicola. Think Elon Musk. And all of this has to do with luxury, prestige, and innovative association with innovation.

Let’s get net neutral in November mailbag | #PNWeekly 280

Enough food for a week in the fridge, enough football for a season and enough shopping for you to drop the habit. On this show, we jam about net neutrality.

Tesla Powerbank is a questionable $45 purchase

Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. It makes electric cars, electric semi-trucks, a huge battery in South Australia and a little ‘ol battery that isn’t doing much.

Citibank looks for big Apple acquisitions with its cash pile

Netflix, Disney and Electronic Arts are the biggest names called out by analyst Jim Suva. But does Apple have the will to pick up investors’ targets?

Eve for Tesla lets you control your home from your car

Find out how you can control your home’s electronics while driving a Tesla.

Galaxy S5 Prime review, custom Moto 360, luscious new Lumias & more! | Pocketnow Weekly 103 (Hangout)

It’s a Samsung-centric week, but there’s much more to this podcast than just a Galaxy S5 Prime review. Join us for much more mobile tech talk on Weekly 103!