Huawei P20 Pro review

Canada’s Telus considers government’s prospective Huawei ban an investment risk

Huawei provides an affordable option to other cellular network equipment vendors and carriers like Telus want that quite badly. But are strings attached?

Huawei deemed “viable and reliable” by Canada’s Telus

Canada’s Telus is defending Huawei, as executive vice president acknowledges the partnership in an internal memo sent out to employees.

After 9 months, Telus quits the Essential Phone

Two big price cuts later and the Canadian carrier has announced that it won’t take any more stock of Andy Rubin’s newfangled Android phone.

Essential Phone discounted to lowest price at Telus

The Canadian carrier has pushed prices down from its original price of $1,050 outright to $650. And the contract price is way, way better.

BlackBerry Motion gets official launch date and pricing in Canada for carrier quartet

The all-touch TCL-made BlackBerry Motion is almost ready for primetime up north, where it’s going to cost around $600 CAD outright.

Small reprieve at Telus as Essential Phone is discounted on term

Term pricing has been reduced by $90 on the two tiers available: each are now $200 and $400 down with a compliant service plan.

PSA: Essential, Amazon and Telus have the Essential Phone available for rapid delivery

Enough waiting around for Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone. The “edge-to-edge” device is shipping in a matter of days from the OEM, Amazon and Telus.

Android Oreo for Nexus 6P coming late, perhaps on September 11

Bell already has an update out for the Nexus 6P, but Rogers users will have to wait. This delay could be tied to compatibility issues with some US carriers.

Standard software support windows for Essential Phone

The Essential Phone will get two years of OS updates and an extra year of security patches to boot, but there’s more to the message of Essential, here.

Essential Phone from Canada’s Telus is a terrifying $1,050

That’s US$825, or about an 18 percent premium on what the Essential PH-1 is marked for in the United States. Shipping begins within a month.

Unlocked BlackBerry KEYone won’t be in Canada until later in summer

It seems that the carriers have been eating up plenty of stock from TCL, so much that the company can’t lock up enough units for the unlocked market.

Canadian carriers relay word of LG G4 warranty coverage for bootloops

Virgin Mobile has confirmed that it has extended the warranty of its LG G4 over this stark issue while Rogers and Fido are working on it.

No more unlocking fees in Canada from December 1

Carriers must be able to provide device unlocking free of charge from day one. Customers now also have more control on overage caps

Telus will exclusively carry Essential Phone in Canada ‘later this summer’

Andy Rubin’s buzzy, “edge-to-edge” Essential Phone will launch with Sprint stateside and Telus up north at some point in the coming weeks.

Big in North America: BlackBerry KEYone demand looks ‘extraordinary’ across the US and Canada

Amazon and Best Buy ran out of BlackBerry KEYone inventory in less than a day stateside, while Telus had to reconsider the phone’s launch up north.

Some Verizon Pixel buyers will be appeased with free Daydream View

Free? Well, you’ll have paid some kind of cost in terms of time in order to have gotten this generous Verizon goodie for a Pixel.

Canadian carrier-locked HTC One M9 updated to Android Nougat

Bell is the latest of four Canadian carriers to move the Android Nougat update to the HTC One M9. United States carriers are taking it slow.

Canadian Pixel update shakes things up with new Moves

Apparently, Telus customers who bought a Pixel are getting a very special update just for them that allows them some notification ease.

Google Daydream View hitting retail worldwide on November 10

The new headset will spread across the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia at carrier and tech retail stores in addition to the Google Store.

One Australian carrier expects Nougat to roll out by month-end, another says there are ‘issues’

Android Nougat updates for Nexus devices could begin today, later this month or at another point in the near future, as “issues” have been discovered.

Canada’s Telus lists date for Android Nougat release

The carrier will be pushing out the Android 7.0 update to Nexus 5X and 6P devices starting on August 22. What about the Nexus 6 and 9?

Canada’s Koodo Mobile floats out three colors for its Moto G4 Plus

It’s a prime mid-ranger from Motorola headed to Koodo Mobile. But what colors will it come in? Facebook fans get to choose one.