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Telegram chief blasts Apple for selling ‘overpriced’ hardware from ‘Middle Ages’
Every time I have to use an iPhone to test our iOS app I feel like I’m thrown back into the Middle Ages: Telegram founder Pavel Durov
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Best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021
Not buying what WhatsApp is selling after its privacy policy change? Here’s a look at the best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021.
telegram group video calls
Telegram is finally getting group video calls next month
The group video call experience on Telegram will also include features such as noise-cancellation, screen sharing, and encryption.
Telegram now lets you schedule voice chats and gets better at viewing media
Telegram app now lets users directly pinch and zoom on an image, and also adds support for eight third-party payment service providers.
Telegram launches two web apps, because internal competition
Telegram has registered a surge in users in the past quarter when WhatsApp announced a change to its privacy terms earlier this year.
Telegram adds support for scheduling voice chats in channels
Telegram users can also change profile details such as name and bio from the voice chat window, without having to exit the conversation.
Telegram Voice Chats
Telegram brings voice chat to channels, because everyone wants to pull a Clubhouse
Clubhouse is the new TikTok?
clubhouse subscription
After Twitter and Facebook, Telegram is now working on a Clubhouse rival
Audio social networking seems to be the next big cloning feature arriving on all the major apps.
Telegram new feature
Telegram borrows a WhatsApp feature and adds plenty more with new update
Telegram is also introducing widgets.
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Telegram adds invite links with custom expiry span and message auto-delete tool
The latest Telegram beta also adds the ability to auto-delete messages in a group chat, and turning a public group into a broadcast group.
10 Ways Delta Chat is Better than WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram
With everyone deleting WhatsApp and switching to Telegram or Signal, maybe there’s something better that you haven’t heard of yet. Here are 10 ways Delta Chat is better than the others.
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Telegram testing a new tool that lets you migrate chats from apps like WhatsApp
Telegram released the chat export tool with v7.4 update on the App Store, but quickly pulled it with a v7.4.1 update.
Telegram pocketnow
Telegram will start pushing ads in channels starting next year
All the Telegram features that are currently free will continue to remain so, and that the platform will be free for users – FOREVER.
Telegram voice live chat update
Telegram adds a live group voice chat feature and ability to store app data on an SD card
For Telegram users on iOS, Siri can now read their incoming messages out loud using the Announce Messages feature.
Telegram update brings search filters and the ability to go anonymous as group admin
Telegram v7.1 update also adds a new conversation feature that adds a comment button to the posts that involve a discussion group.
Telegram app finally brings support for video calls
The privacy-focused instant messaging app will soon land support for group video calls as well.
Telegram finally adds support for video calling, but only in beta for now
The latest Telegram beta build doesn’t support group video calling, so there is still some improvement to be made before a wider rollout.
Telegram update brings up to 2GB file sharing, profile videos and more
Android Telegram users can now crop and rotate videos before sending.
Russia finally ends its ban on Telegram
The decision has been taken in a bid to use Telegram as a channel for disseminating critical information that helps combat the COVID-19 crisis.
Telegram update adds new video editing tool and a cool animated sticker feature
The new version also makes it easier to find GIFs and introduces a few Android-exclusive features as well.
Confirmed! Telegram to bring a secure group video calling feature soon
The company is also releasing some new features.
Telegram now lets you organize chats into folders to make life easier
The folders you make on Telegram’s mobile app are automatically synced and will appear below the hamburger menu on the desktop client.
Telegram adds a new extension for restricted channels
It is being called a ‘group chat extension for channels’.
Telegram v5.15
Telegram gets redesigned profiles, fast media viewer and more with v5.15 update
The update brings a better media browsing experience alongside new profile design and emojis.
Google Gboard Emoji Kitchen
Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen allows you to combine emojis to create new ones
Emoji Kitchen enables users to take their favorite emojis and mix them into customized stickers. However, it works only with those supported by Google.