Pete Lau shows us the difference that 120Hz displays will do in the OnePlus 8 Pro
Pete Lau shows us the difference that 120Hz displays will do in the OnePlus 8 Pro
Black Shark 2 thrice as fast with 12GB of RAM
The phone is set to come out on Monday, March 18, and there’s all the hype to let out on social media before the Black Shark 2 becomes official.
Race for Galaxy S10 pre-orders begins with AT&T giving customers notifications
AT&T might be your best friend if you want to get a Galaxy S10 as early, but as low effort as possible. You can get notification of when pre-orders start. confirms more of what we know about the vivo V15 Pro
With a 32-megapixel selfie camera that pops out of the phone’s body, a 48-megapixel camera out of three in the back and a lot more, the vivo V15 Pro nears.
LG’s 5G phone will be bigger and better at MWC 2019
LG loves to tease its phones out to the media well before they are released and it intends to give its 5G trailblazer device the same treatment.
Xiaomi to introduce a 48-megapixel smartphone camera in January
Huawei has its 40-megapixel cameras while Nokia had the Lumia 1020 with a 41-megapixel camera. Will Xiaomi beat them to a pulp in January?
Xiaomi president posts to Weibo with 5G Mi Mix 3
Lin Bin, like any tech executive in China, loves to tease the fans. He decided to do so with a social media post with a minor distinction.
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite needs you to protect the wizarding world
If Golden Snitches and Butterbeer crossed the divide between the wizarding world and the human world… there could be disaster, Niantic Labs says.
OnePlus “unlocks” first Twitter teaser of the OnePlus 6T
And for the adventurous types who want to be able to test things out first, they can sign up for OnePlus’s “The Lab” program. promo for OnePlus 6T indicates short wait for launch
We probably don’t have too long to wait before we learn all about the OnePlus 6T officially. Until then, we get this little banner.
Google also teasing Pixel 3 color combos… in Japan
After two years of blue and a little bit of pink, what will Google do this year to spice up its black and white Pixel phones? Go green.
OnePlus and Google team up for a game on September 18
The company will be more active in October with a new smartphone on the way, but until then, the codebreaking game is afoot.
OnePlus 6T setting goals… for next year?
We have what we believe is the OnePlus 6T’s tenative release date, courtesy of the company’s Weibo account. Does the timing make sense?
Nubia Alpha is not a smartwatch, but a “wearable smartphone”
It’s not a concept, it’s a real product that this Chinese tech company is working on for launch, perhaps as early as this fall.
OLED or water? Is Xperia XZ3 coming to IFA 2018?
Sony has put out a teaser for its IFA event on August 30 and it’s very blue. And very vague. Is the Xperia XZ3 coming or not?
vivo V11 brings the teardrop notch in mere weeks
In China, we’re getting ready for another smartphone with a notch, though this is a send-up to a minimal design.
Qualcomm may upgrade Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset in September
The Wear 2500 came out earlier this year, but with Wear OS struggling to trigger a new wave of hardware, Qualcomm needs a new watermark chipset.
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 leaked with very thin, uniform bezels
You’ll want to zoom in and check out the chin on this phone. There’s none, basically. Is this Android nirvana for tech enthusiasts?
BlackBerry KEY2, Ghost both rattling towards launches
The former gets treated with a new video and a look at a special key. The other phone (or two) gets a general release timeframe.
HTC uses iPhone 6 components in U12+ event teaser for a cheeky purpose
People have noticed that parts from the iPhone 6 and other phones were featured in a teaser image for HTC’s next big phone. The company says that’s exactly the point it wants to make.
Nokia N revival teaser features Nokia N8
6 years after its death, the Nokia ‘N’ series is still highly regarded by former owners. So, what’s going on in China? Just a little teaser.
Crank up the Boombox Speaker on the LG G7 ThinQ
There is more empty space on the G7 ThinQ than in previous LG phones and the company is putting it to good use by blasting sound. And the audio-fest does not stop there.
Huawei P20 teased with ads featuring ridiculous photographer
The P20 Pro supposedly has three cameras and 40-megapixel capabilities. We’re getting the slightest hints at what they can do through a couple of commercials.
TCL pre-games some more with a BlackBerry Motion video teaser
All the specifications you would ever need to know are pretty much official and it’s even on sale in a couple of places. All we need is to be teased.
China has Easter eggs, too: Lenovo teases Moto Mods and Moto Z2 Force
The company did so right in its revised showcase webpage for its Moto Mods accessories built for the Moto Z series, right at the end of the page.