The Samsung Galaxy S11 may be able of recording videos at 8K

The new Samsung Galaxy S11’s camera may be able to capture 8K video at 30 fps according to information found in Samsungs Camera app
iPhone 11 Pro price in India

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max teardown reveals bigger batteries

There are several improvements in the new iPhone 11 lineup and these include a larger battery, more cameras and an amazing Night mode

The subtle changes and the water cooling system detailed in a Galaxy Note 9 teardown

Copper and liquid are supposed to help out the Note 9 when games run hot. We also learn about stylus hitches and glue, glue, glue inside this new phone.

Silicone caps protecting Butterfly keyboard in latest MacBook Pro models

The updated MacBook Pro does have a slightly different keyboard design. It keeps the Butterfly switches, but adds a little protection from dust.

OnePlus 6 teardown has surprises including some water proofing and a weird alert slider

The alert slider connects to a piston that connects to a soldered button attached to the motherboard. Well, this is already interesting.

Huawei P20 Pro teardown reveals engineering magic behind triple camera arrangement

If you’re curious just how the three Huawei P20 Pro rear-facing cameras were squeezed in a relatively compact footprint, iFixit offers its typical look under the phone’s hood.
Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs more to build than Note 8, slightly less than iPhone X

Samsung’s refined and reimagined Galaxy S9+, with its 6GB RAM and dual rear-facing camera, is almost as costly to manufacture as Apple’s fancy iPhone X.

Galaxy S9+ teardown sheds some light on camera technology, low repairability and more

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are just as hard to repair as their predecessors, using some super-advanced tech to gain dual aperture tricks, but housing no new AR Emoji-enabling hardware.

iPhone X teardown puts a spotlight on crazy small motherboard, two-cell battery, decent repairability

Apple seems to have employed some seriously unique engineering magic to keep the iPhone X logic board compact and crammed with innovative components.

Rethinking recycling with Samsung, iFixit and the Galaxy Upcycling program

The leading OEM is teaming up with one of the leading breakdown publications for all sorts of tech products to process old phones into new things.

Google Pixel 2 XL teardown reveals many modular components, extra-hard to remove battery

Not exactly a DIY nightmare, Google’s Pixel 2 XL is slightly harder to repair than its predecessor, but also much more innovative in key areas.

Apple reportedly spends more on iPhone 8 Plus manufacturing than 7 Plus, profit margins still hefty

Apple’s 64GB iPhone 8 Plus predictably costs more to make than an entry-level iPhone 7 Plus, but still less than Samsung’s standard Galaxy S8.

Apple’s iPhone 8 easily survives harsh durability test, also getting passing repairability grade

It’s hard but not impossible to repair the iPhone 8 at home. But it’s pretty much impossible to bend it and it’s not easy to scratch either.

LG V30 teardown shows it’s easily repairable says JerryRigEverything

Zack Nelson, YouTube’s JerryRigEverything, took a few tools to the LG V30 and found screws and contacts, not much soldering.

iFixit disassembled the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so you don’t have to

It’s probably not a good idea to tear down and try to repair the hot new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the event of anything other than catastrophic damage.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE teardown reveals mostly familiar internals, significantly smaller battery

We already knew the battery inside the refurbished Note 7, aka Galaxy Note FE, was smaller than the original cell, but now we have the full picture.

First OnePlus 5 teardown looks like a DIY enthusiast’s worst nightmare

Despite lacking a repairability score, this comprehensive OnePlus 5 teardown is far from encouraging for occasional smartphone handymen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 predictably costs more to make than S7 and S7 Edge, way more than iPhone 7

At an estimated $307.50, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 bill of materials, manufacturing costs included, exceeds Apple’s iPhone 7 expenses by more than $80.

Teardown proves Samsung Galaxy S8+ internal design is ‘virtually identical’ to the Note 7

At least at a first glance, Samsung hasn’t done much to ensure Galaxy Note 7’s battery woes will not see a repeat on the Galaxy S8 or S8+.

Google Pixel XL bill of materials compares to competitors at $285.75

This larger Pixel costs $285.75. That’s compared to the regularly-sized version of the iPhone 7 at $225 and the regular Galaxy S7 at $255.

Samsung AMOLED featured in Google Pixel XL teardown

HTC might have manufactured the Google Pixel, but it seems that Google made good on its promise to take control of design. All the way down to the insides.

Preliminary iPhone 7 BOM is out: cheaper to make than Galaxy S7, costlier than iPhone 6s

While Apple’s profit margins should remain the largest in the industry, the iPhone 7 bill of materials exceeds that of the 6s.

Apple Watch Series 2 battery is a full third larger than original model, teardown shows

The Apple Watch Series 2 might be similar on the outside to its predecessor, but it’s very different under the hood, with a bigger cell, among others.

iPhone 7 Plus teardown reveals bigger battery, more RAM, larger Taptic Engine

In case you still had your doubts, here’s iFixit’s written and visual confirmation of the 3GB RAM and 2,900mAh battery inside the iPhone 7 Plus.

No big Galaxy Note 7 teardown surprises: low repairability, familiar internals

Just how similar are Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and S7 Edge deep down? Very, this teardown confirms, also shedding light on the former’s sub-par repairability.