Bad news for Apple and bad sales for iPhones as analysts and investors respond to Trump’s threat
Apple’s sales could be seriously affected if Donald Trump finally decides to apply a 10% tax on all Apple devices produced in China
Trump: US consumers can easily stand 10 percent tariffs on iPhones
Donald Trump believes that the average American consumer is willing to pay an extra $75 on an iPhone or $120 on a MacBook.
Turkish iPhone boycott called for after Trump tariffs, currency meltdown
The Lira is at its all-time low against the currency market thanks to a big metals tariff straight out of Donald Trump’s administration.
Wistron now making iPhone 6s in India as Apple looks at expansion
The iPhone 6s is replacing the iPhone SE for local production and sales. It’s expected to be more popular and save Apple from more taxes.
US places tech tariff on China, but smartphones are not affected
Donald Trump ordered the tariffs citing “unfair practices” in intellectual property use. Mobile technology is not directly affected in the new levies.
T-Mobile could pay Sprint $26 billion to merge, sources say
The deal would value Sprint shares at $6.50 apiece. It could be announced as early as Sunday. But it would have a long road to go before it closes.
Trump adviser: “Tim Cook was most helpful”
National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow said that Donald Trump and he “enjoyed” meeting with the CEO of Apple and talked about business in the US and China.
Wistron India plant getting started with iPhone 6s Plus production
Apple’s manufacturing partner in India has worked on producing the iPhone SE for domestic consumers. With import taxes rising, this could be a good salve on the price of the popular iPhone model.
Mobile custom duties in India tick up from 15 percent to 20 percent
The duty was only introduced in July and has gone up twice, including this time. The price of the iPhone X has gone up 6.8 percent since its launch.
Sprint 3Q17 earnings get big boost from tax reform, fast forwards 5G plans
The carrier would have made rare income after expenses, but the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act gave billions of dollars of benefit on paper.
Apple gives out $2,500 in stocks to most employees
The company is also providing a double match to any employee making charitable contributions this year up to $10,000. This as Tim Cook declines to pass along Apple’s savings to customers.
Apple plots repatriation, investment in US after tax reform
It has not gotten exactly what it wanted in US tax reform, particularly in repatriation costs. But it will go on ahead with plans to break ground and infuse money into domestic manufacturing.
Tax reform passes in US, AT&T and Comcast give holiday bonuses, increase capital expenditure
Two corporate titans that just happen to be in the telecom business are giving massive bonuses to their rank and file to celebrate corporate tax reduction.
Boost Mobile includes taxes and fees in plan prices
The Sprint prepaid carrier is pulling a T-Mobile… or, to be more correct, a MetroPCS. Yep, way more correct. And there’s free money to be had.
Pricier iPhones, poorer schools? State governments fall over Apple, Foxconn with tax relief for jobs
The iPhone 8 is expected to cost $1,000 from the get-go. Imagine if it were made in the US? Factories and jobs are expensive. Is the answer tax breaks?
Next iPhone SE could come completely from India
A faster Touch ID sensor, same form factor and a new point of origin. But when will it come and how much will an iPhone SE 2 cost?
CEO: India should hold off new tariffs to keep OnePlus 5 pricing stable
OnePlus is importing the new model into India because it claims that current quality requirements put a damper on local production efficiency.
The conundrum of selling used iPhones in India rolls on
Apple wants to sell its iPhones directly to consumers. It’s working on factories with a partner firm, but it wants permission to sell cheaper phones.
T-Mobile turns sales taxes into savings for buyers of any new smartphone
T-Mobile continues its crusade against taxes and fees, giving existing and new customers back 11.2 percent of the price of any new smartphone.
Pay your government to access porn says proposed South Carolina law
A proposed law would assess a $20 fee to those interested in viewing porn on their phone, tablet or any sort of web-connected computer.
Cupertino’s mayor says Apple “not willing to pay a dime” to the city
Apple’s valued at half a trillion dollars. It gave $9.2 million in taxes to the city it lives in. The mayor of Cupertino, however, says the city needs more.
Congress votes against state-imposed Internet access taxes
US citizens have never really had to pay internet access taxes, just like many other countries. They might never have to.
Russia will be okay without Google, says country’s internet czar
The country has its first-ever “internet czar.” He wants to see US tech companies taxed and conform to Russian rules.
Apple pays $348M settlement following Italian tax-dodge allegations
After getting caught under-reporting Italian income for years, Apple’s cut a check for a big tax settlement.