27 million in US own an Alexa speaker, NPR and Edison Research say

Surveys conducted by Edison Research and NPR say that 36 million adults in the US own a smart speaker powered by assistants from Google or Amazon. Alexa, presumably because of its two-year head start, has a big lead here.

Amazon devices predictably headline the e-tailer’s list of early Black Friday deals

Amazon already has a great Music Unlimited Black Friday deal available for new subscribers, with many discounted Echo and Fire devices also on the way.

Amazon Tap is $50 off until 3am Eastern

The Tap’s currently the same price as an original, refurbished Echo speaker at this point, but only for a limited time…

Amazon Tap update enables voice activation of Alexa

The Amazon Tap still requires a tap of the microphone button in order for Alexa to start listening to requests. But it won’t in the coming weeks.

Amazon Echo out of stock, won’t be replenished for a month

The Echo Dot won’t be available to order for about a week while those getting the Echo must suffer a month’s wait. Google Home may prove the alternative.

Black Friday? Time for Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals!

Just because it’s a different day doesn’t mean it can’t feel the same way. Plenty of the same rock solid discounts are on the schedule for next week.

Alexa’s Black Friday on Amazon available by asking “What are your deals?”

But the first one you should probably ask to your Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or whatever Alexa-enabled device you have is: “Alexa, what are your deals?”

AT&T skill for Alexa lets you dictate and send texts with an Echo

Starting on Friday, you can dictate your texts to Alexa and have her send it to any one of ten important contacts. AT&T is the first to offer such a skill.

Amazon previews even more in-house gear holiday deals, stretching Black Friday shopping to 35 days

Along with Fire and Echo devices already confirmed for Black Friday deals, Amazon will sell many other products at low prices through December 22.

Amazon lets $50 ‘all-new’ Echo Dot cat out of the bag

Technically, the $50 Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker isn’t officially out yet. But it’s almost definitely coming (very) soon.

$50 off Amazon Echo, Tap, but not at Amazon

Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond are bringing the big buck blow-offs to some Bluetooth bellow-blasting speakers against Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day deals are on: $130 Echo, $120 Honor 5X, $404 64GB Nexus 6P, and more

Amazon Prime members can get heavily discounted Huawei phones and smartwatches, as well as Echo and Tap smart speakers for the next 24 hours (or less).

Wallet 2.0 for Windows 10 Mobile avails NFC Tap to Pay

A refreshed mobile payments app for Windows 10 Mobile will likely bring NFC functionality in the form of Tap to Pay. And it works right now.

Amazon puts Echo and Tap smart speakers on a rare sale for limited time

If you hurry, you can get the Amazon Echo and Tap smart speakers for around $150 and $110 respectively instead of $180 and $130.