Tablet shipments may have been down in Q1, but detachables continue to grow
The global tablet market is not exactly thriving, but detachable tablets are doing well, and they will continue to grow, according to the IDC’s research and projections.
Global tablet shipments have hit a new quarterly low, and they’re about to go even lower
Just as expected, worldwide tablet shipments are down again after a surprisingly solid holiday quarter, looking at yet another big drop in Q2 2018.
Global tablet shipments were down again in Q3 2017, but most top vendors were up
There’s no recovery in sight for worldwide tablet shipments, based on IDC’s latest research, even though the leading OEMs aren’t doing so bad.
Global tablet sales slump continues, but Apple, Huawei and Amazon keep the market afloat during Q2
Q2 2017 tablet sales were down 3.4 percent year over year globally, despite big gains reported by three of the world’s top five vendors.
Global tablet sales are down for the tenth consecutive quarter, led by struggling iPads
Apple is still the uncontested leader of worldwide tablet sales, even as iPads take a big dive from 10.3 to 8.9 million units YoY in Q1 2017.
Apple maintains comfortable tablet market domination, but Amazon and Huawei are surging
Apple is still the world’s number one tablet vendor, followed by Samsung, then Amazon, which was the biggest Q3 2016 grower.
Despite ‘difficulty to compete’ with iOS and Windows, Android tablets still reign supreme
Global tablet sales remain on a steep downward trajectory, with Android their OS champion, and Apple at the top of the manufacturer ranks in Q2 2016.