T-Mobile makes 36-month EIP official with iPhone XR deal
It’s an all-in-one bundle for families of four that really, really happen to like the iPhone XR and want to use it on T-Mobile.
T-Mobile Essentials needs no Netflix, LTE hotspot or roaming
For $10 per month less than a T-Mobile ONE plan, custoemrs won’t be getting LTE speeds for what may be considered auxilliary features.
Sweet T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans will get slightly pricier next week
Instead of paying just $60 a month for two unlimited everything service lines, T-Mobile customers aged 55 or older will be charged $70 starting March 15, which is still extremely affordable.
T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ targets rival ‘senior’ plans at $60 a month for two lines
T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ service aims to show respect instead of contempt for the “generation that invented wireless”, i.e. Americans age 55 and up.
T-Mobile ONE goes “20% off for life,” at least until March 31
New customers coming from another carrier will be able to save on up to 12 lines of service with this quiet promo being threaded around.
T-Mobile ONE doubles international data roaming speeds to 256kbps
While you had full-speed LTE access across all of North America with T-Mobile, you used to only be able to crawl, not cruise elsewhere.