T-Mobile: Netflix On Us still on us until at least May 1

Netflix is hiking its prices, but it is still status quo at T-Mobile for free subscriptions. That status quo is a good thing that may last only months more.

T-Mobile discounts Galaxy A6 a la carte and with bundled plan

Users can get a discount on this new Samsung mid-ranger or they can get that with a discount on a bundled plan from the Un-carrier.

T-Mobile makes 36-month EIP official with iPhone XR deal

It’s an all-in-one bundle for families of four that really, really happen to like the iPhone XR and want to use it on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile giving everyone free Gogo Wi-Fi for Labor Day air travel

If you’re flying around on September 3 and have Gogo Wi-Fi available to you, it’s going to be free, courtesy of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Essentials needs no Netflix, LTE hotspot or roaming

For $10 per month less than a T-Mobile ONE plan, custoemrs won’t be getting LTE speeds for what may be considered auxilliary features.

T-Mobile serving up unlimited high-speed data in Russia for World Cup

Postpaid customers can take part in the World Cup excitement with high-speed data throughput for the duration of the FIFA tournament.

T-Mobile ONE Military and other initiatives are now going out to US veterans

The Un-carrier has been highly regarded as an employer of military members. Now, it’s going further to serve those who have served.

Sweet T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plans will get slightly pricier next week

Instead of paying just $60 a month for two unlimited everything service lines, T-Mobile customers aged 55 or older will be charged $70 starting March 15, which is still extremely affordable.

T-Mobile has free lines and discounted Apple Watch Series 3 as top Valentine’s Day deals

If you’re already on a T-Mobile ONE family plan, and add an extra line starting tomorrow, you’ll get another at no additional cost. Also, a second Apple Watch Series 3 at 50 percent off.

T-Mobile breaks the rules by capping high-speed data on Mobile Without Borders

If you travel to Mexico and Canada often and are on T-Mobile you’ll want to know about the impending high-speed data cap coming your way.

If you don’t need Netflix, this is your last chance to pay $100 for two standard T-Mobile lines

A little-advertised T-Mobile offer including two service lines for a total of $100 a month with no Netflix is expiring soon, so act accordingly.

Sold by HTC, Made by Google | #PNWeekly 271

HTC transfers some key smartphone units to Google in exchange for a bit of cash. We dissect the deal and cruise through a Tough Spot this week on our show!

T-Mobile de-prioritization cap upped 56 percent to 50GB

T-Mobile will not intentionally throttle any network customer who uses less than 50GB of data in a month. Even at that point, it’s not a hard limit.

T-Mobile uncorks LTE speed limit for Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 will not have its LTE speeds capped at 512kbps, T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted out. But what about an unnecessary SIM fee?

Trade in for a T-Mobile iPhone X deal and also get free data for Apple Watch Series 3

Trade in an older iPhone for up to $300 off a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X with the Un-carrier. Also, get three months of free service with an Apple Watch.

ZTE Quartz just $48 over two years for a limited time on T-Mobile

The T-Mobile-exclusive Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch is yours for that cheap if you pay over 24 months and get cellular service with it.

T-Mobile ONE for families also includes free Netflix

Have two or more lines with T-Mobile? You’re eligible from September 12 for free Netflix, even if you already have a subscription.

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ targets rival ‘senior’ plans at $60 a month for two lines

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ service aims to show respect instead of contempt for the “generation that invented wireless”, i.e. Americans age 55 and up.

T-Mobile ONE Plus price reportedly going up to $80 per month

Fees and taxes are still included in the rate, but it’s up $5 from where it just was. The new rate is expected to take hold from July 6.

T-Mobile stocking iPad Pro 10.5 next week, unlimited data at $20 per month

Expensive tablets need some financing, but that’s what T-Mobile is here to offer for qualifying customers: $30 per month plus a healthy down payment.

Not on T-Mobile ONE? Get ready for hiked fees of up to $3.18

It’s not a major deal, but if you’re on a former SunCom Wireless plan and want to keep it, you’ll have to start paying an extra $3 or so a month.

Can’t do Unlimited Freedom? Sprint 2GB plan is $40 per month per line

T-Mobile ONE wraps in a feature called KickBack that customers have to opt for. Even with that, using less than 2GB costs $60 a month.

T-Mobile retires age-old ‘Free Data for Life’ tablet offer, existing users not impacted

T-Mobile no longer gives new tablet owners a free 200MB allotment of 4G LTE data, because, well, you don’t need that anymore, do you?

T-Mobile ONE hotspot allotment promo soon to be over

That fine print is starting to kick in, so if you recently signed up to T-Mobile ONE and haven’t redeemed your benies, you’ll have to do so soon.

T-Mobile ONEsie is the world’s first full body wearable, and it’s only part April Fools’ hoax

Technically, you can buy the “revolutionary” full body wearable for a limited time. But all the technology on the T-Mobile ONEsie is made-up.