Want Touch ID to return to the iPhone? You’re not gonna like this prediction

This prediction comes from a generally well-regarded market analyst that has been tracking Apple for many years. Chances are, he’s right.

Vivo X20 Plus UD with in-display fingerprint sensor gets official price tag and release date

We still have no idea if the Vivo X20 Plus UD will ever launch outside of China, but at least domestically, the world’s first phone with in-display fingerprint recognition is right around the corner.

Shaking in the CES 2018 pit | #PNWeekly 287

Five mobile technology geeks. One table. 60 minutes to podcast. CES 2018. From laptops to drones to smartphones and AI, we talk about it all.

Vivo’s on-display fingerprint scanner works great (Video)

We tried out the world’s first “full-production” smartphone with on-display fingerprint recognition at CES 2018, and the biometric sensor was surprisingly fast.

Vivo unveils world’s first ‘full-production’ smartphone with in-display fingerprint sensor

In-display fingerprint recognition technology is “ready to produce”, although we still don’t know much else about Vivo’s groundbreaking smartphone demoed at CES 2018.

OnePlus 6 could acquire in-display fingerprint sensor, launch in March

OnePlus could hold the earliest device release it has ever had in 2018 and the phone could have an advanced fingerprint sensor.

Vivo, not Samsung, plans to unveil the first phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor soon

That “top five” OEM looking to demonstrate a “Tier 1 customer phone” with a fully working in-screen fingerprint scanner at CES 2018 is actually Vivo.

Synaptics breakthrough strongly hints at Galaxy S9 in-display fingerprint sensor

Synaptics has a game-changing new Clear ID fingerprint sensor ready for production with a “top five” OEM. Can you say Samsung Galaxy S9?

KGI thinks Galaxy Note 9 will have on-screen fingerprint sensor

What the iPhone X couldn’t do, Apple decided it would be better off leading a new race with Face ID. But Samsung’s giving the undone a go.

Synaptics failed Samsung in getting an on-screen fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S8

One source claims that Samsung put a lot of money into getting it working, but component-maker Synaptics couldn’t make it happen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 gets TV ad in Korea, fingerprint placement explanation, and battery pictured

There’s obviously a reason why the Galaxy S8 will feature that odd rear-fitted fingerprint sensor, and the LG G6 is to blame for the phone’s first TV ad.

Under-Glass fingerprint scanner announced just in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Synaptics has just announced a brand new fingerprint scanner that works under the display, just in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8