Android’s State of Emergency | #PNWeekly 262
Android phones have trouble dialing 911 (or 999) and Lenovo is teaming up with Disney to send you on Jedi Adventures! All on this week’s show!
Hackers blackmailed Nokia with smartphone encryption keys?
Hear the tale of how a Nokia smartphone hack may have led to a million-euro blackmail payout a few years back.
PureView vs PureView: Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Nokia 808
Nokia’s new flagship brings 41MP photos to Windows Phone – but how does it fare against the PureView prototype? Find out in Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Nokia 808!
The Fat Lady Sings: Did Nokia Just Confirm 808 PureView as Final Symbian?
Read what Nokia had to say about the 808, and why it may be the company’s last Symbian model.
Nokia Rolls-Out Update For the 808 PureView
An update is being pushed out for the Nokia 808 PureView which doesn’t seem to bring new features but rather focus on improvements.
Show Us the Best Picture You’ve Taken With Your Phone Or Tablet
We want to see the best picture you’ve ever taken with your phone or tablet. Show it off here!
Nokia 808 PureView Review
Despite Nokia Belle, is the 808 PureView worth purchasing? More importantly, are we crowning a new King of the Camera-phones? Read on below for our full review to find out!
The Best of the Past: Flip Phones
Most of us outside of Japan live in a world dominated by slab phones. Sure, they’re getting easier to tolerate as manufacturers like HTC and Nokia push the boundaries of hardware design. But they don’t have hinges for fun folder action, they don’t snap satisfyingly closed at the end of a frustrating call, and they don’t fit as well in a pocket.
Nokia 808 PureView Zoom and Focus Camera Demo (Video)
We are taking a look at the lossless zoom and focus modes on the Nokia 808 PureView, both while shooting pictures and capturing video.
What’s The Deal With T-Mobile 3G On The Nokia 808 PureView?
Now Nokia claims full 3G support for the 808 on T-Mobile, but still doesn’t mention anything about 1700MHz.
Why People Love(d) Symbian
You may have noticed recently that we’ve been exploring different reasons as…
Bad News For Symbian: No Carla, Just Belle Feature Packs?
Supposedly, Carla was what we’ve known as Belle FP1, and there won’t be a separate, larger update.