To all the 2018 tech we… tolerated? | #PNWeekly 338

We are wrapping up the year in mobile tech news from Apple’s battery throttling bungle to the nightmare and adrenaline rush that was Techtober!

The iPhone SE 2 and MWC 2018 | #PNWeekly 293

In the midst of all the MWC coverage we’re pulling off, we’ve got to keep to our promise of a weekly mobile tech podcast. And we have the perfect iPhone to do it with. Yes, iPhone.

Nuance ends development of Swype and Dragon keyboard for Android and iOS

As the company turns away from the consumer side and goes for enterprise, one of the tolls it takes on customers will be on the mobile typing front.

There is no excuse for a subpar keyboard in 2014

Software keyboards are far better than they were in 2009, but not every soft keyboard is great. Read why there is no excuse for a bad keyboard in 2014.