The latest Nintendo Switch model gets a $50 discount with a free game and accessory
Walmart has an interesting Nintendo Switch bundle that allows you to get a free game and accessory with purchase, and it ships free
Pocketnow Daily: The iPhone XI is FINALLY bringing a BETTER BATTERY! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new battery inside the iPhone XI, tne new foldable Motorola Razr, the new OnePlus 7T and more
T-Mobile covering more Verizon switchers with $650
No need to trade in your phone if you’re a Verizon customer with a late model Galaxy, Pixel or iPhone. And T-Mobile will cover any contracts up to $650.
Xbox Live achievements look to be coming to Android and iOS
The Xbox live networking service may also make a link with Nintendo’s Switch console, too. All this is set to be announced at GDC 2019 in San Francisco.
On the Road Again… with Michael Fisher | #PNWeekly 334
On our show, Mr. Mobile is taking us along in a hydrogen cell vehicle as we review the best in mobile tech in 2018 and take a view to 2019.
How many iPhone users are planning to upgrade to a new model?
Apple may be in for huge sales success with the new iPhone 2018 models. Since surveys and other sources are certain of their potential
iPhone natives upgrade to iPhone X, Android switchers go with cheaper iPhones
For those familiar with Apple and iOS, they’re more willing to splash cash on an expensive iPhone. Switchers, meanwhile, dip their toes into the pool.
T-Mobile offers ‘hoodwinked’ AT&T customers up to $900 to switch carriers
As network switching deals go, T-Mobile’s latest WTH promotion for AT&T subscribers on grandfathered iPhone data unlimited plans is pretty enticing.
Fortnite Battle Royale debuts free for Nintendo Switch
The MMO has been massively successful so far on its supported computer and console platforms, but the growing number of Nintendo Switch users should help.
Port in your number to MetroPCS, and you can get two free months of unlimited service
Technically, you have to pay for your first two months of unlimited MetroPCS service before receiving $100 back, but free money is always a good deal.
Switch to Cricket Wireless, and get a free new Alcatel Verso or old LG Fortune
In addition to ultra-affordable unlimited data plans, those who choose to switch to Cricket Wireless in the near future can get one of several Android phones free of charge.
T-Mobile has fresh discounts for all, whether you’re looking for one or two new phones
This may just be the most comprehensive list of T-Mobile deals unveiled in quite some time, catering to iOS and Android fans, switchers, traders and BOGO hunters.
Acer unveils fanless Switch 7 with dedicated graphics, affordable Spin 5 convertible
Acer’s IFA 2017 Windows 10 product lineup includes a premium 2-in-1 with discrete graphics and a humbler, cheaper but still good-looking convertible.
Nintendo Switch reportedly sports 6.2-inch touchscreen, more official details coming January 12
The 2-in-1 Nintendo Switch console is actually shaping up to be a 3-in-1 product, with a more detailed presentation scheduled for January 12.
Nintendo Switch aims to reinvent gaming with seamless home and portable modes
A home or portable gaming console? Why not get both with just one product, the upcoming Nintendo Switch, aka NX?
I still want a few things before I switch to an iPhone
It’s that time of year again. Apple unveiled iOS 9, among other…
Windows Phone 10
Microsoft Tries To Steal Android Users With Its “Switch” App
Read about Microsoft’s new app that tries to get Android users to switch to Windows Phone, but are they really trying to steal Android users?