Microsoft kills popular Word Flow iOS keyboard ‘experiment’, suggests SwiftKey as replacement

No more “experimenting” with the ingenious Arc mode of Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard app for iPhones, as Redmond puts all its chips on SwiftKey.

More than 100 SwiftKey themes go free for the holidays

Just as simple as downloading SwiftKey and then heading into the right place to download the right colors for your nifty little keys.

SwiftKey ups your emoji game with predictive keyboard Swiftmoji

Microsoft buys up SwiftKey and it seems just so right to put that new capital to use with a new AI project. For an emoji keyboard.

Microsoft successfully concludes Swiftkey acquisition, stays mum on price

Just one month after announcing plans to purchase Swiftkey, Microsoft has sealed the deal for a reported $250 million.

Android Mirrors, fancy Fitbits and a VAIO Windows phone | Pocketnow Weekly 186

Google gets in deeper with Nexus, Galaxy S7 renders leak, and Turing and Fitbit compete for our lulz on the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast!

Microsoft said to buy Swiftkey, but will the company take full advantage? [UPDATE: confirmed]

Swiftkey made $12.1 million in 2014. Will Microsoft make the most of bettering its mobile software services with some fresh “language technology?”

SwiftKey for Android scores all those fun new 6.0.1 emojis

SwiftKey, probably the most popular third-party keyboard app for Android devices, now supports the full slate of emojis launched in 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

SwiftKey 6.0 enters Beta with all new design and more prediction options

Learn more about the future of SwiftKey with its new beta 6.0, which not only revamps some internals, but also its way to predict text

Swiftkey Neural Alpha touted as world’s first neural network keyboard

Learn more about Swiftkey Neural Alpha, as the company intends to bring machined learning into keyboards in a way to improve text prediction

Samsung calls on Knox to address keyboard security risk

Samsung’s taking advantage of its Knox security software to close the hole at the heart of the recently revealed Samsung keyboard vulnerability.

What to know about the Samsung SwiftKey vulnerability

Just how dangerous is the Samsung SwiftKey vulnerability, and what can you do to keep your phone safe?

OnePlus One bundles-in SwiftKey with latest software update

It’s not making the jump to Lollipop just yet, but the latest OnePlus One update adds integrated SwiftKey support.

SwiftKey is powerful enough to even help Stephen Hawking communicate

Learn more about how powerful SwiftKey can be, as we now learn about the partnership between this company and Intel to help Professor Stephen Hawking.

SwiftKey update brings enhancements, new languages, more themes

Discover what new languages, fixes, and themes are present in the new SwiftKey update headed out to Android users today.

There is no excuse for a subpar keyboard in 2014

Software keyboards are far better than they were in 2009, but not every soft keyboard is great. Read why there is no excuse for a bad keyboard in 2014.

SwiftKey goes free-to-use as version 5.0 arrives

Find out what’s happening as SwiftKey becomes free, including what this means if you already paid for the app.

Swiftkey launched for iOS, but as a Notes application

Swifkey is probably one of the best inventions to ever reach the…

SwiftKey Note hinted to arrive on iOS

SwiftKey Note has been hinted to arrive on iOS, thanks to this latest screenshot leaked today, showing off what appears to be a note-taking application.

SwiftKey 4.3 public beta walkthrough (Video)

SwiftKey just announced the latest version of its popular replacement keyboard for Android. Watch our walkthrough of the SwiftKey 4.3 public beta!

Try Out SwiftKey’s Motion-Controlled “Tilt” Keyboard

Discover how you can try out SwiftKey’s April Fool’s joke keyboard yourself.

Type Faster With These Android Keyboards (Video)

There are dozens of third-party Android keyboards out there. Use these select few keyboards to type faster on your Android smartphone.

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SwiftKey Flow Public Beta Opens For Android

Find out how you can get your hands on Android’s latest alternate keyboard.

Verizon Galaxy Note II Gets SwiftKey Flow, But Not Really

See how the SwiftKey Flow on the Note II differs from what we’re expecting from the Flow beta.