Camera Gear

Upgrade your camera gear without spending a lot

If you are looking to upgrade your camera gear, but don’t want to spend full retail top dollar, you might want to check out listings on Swappa!

Sell your old Samsung Galaxy soon so you can get an S10

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 just around the corner, we’re teaching you how to sell your old Samsung Galaxy so your upgrade will be cheaper.

Sell your unused devices on Swappa, raise some cash for the new year

Did you know you can sell unused devices in order to raise some cash? In this article we show you how to turn that old phone into dollars.

How to sell your camera, lenses and gear to get the most money

If you want to sell your camera, lenses, accessories, or general photography gear, Swappa is the place you should definitely check out!

How to never pay retail for a new phone

iPhones don’t have to be expensive as long as you set the right expectations and are willing to sniff out the market.
iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8

This is the best iPhone to get without spending a grand

If you want to have an iPhone, think twice before you purchase. Don’t give in to the latest and greatest. We’ve tested them! Here’s what you should get!

Skip the new MacBook Air and get a MacBook Pro instead, for hundreds less

Skip the new MacBook Air and check out Swappa! Chances are that for the same price, or less, you can get a MacBook Pro. They have protection too!

How to save up to 75% on console games

Our friends over at Swappa don’t only have smartphones, tablets, and wearables. They also have consoles and console games at great prices.
Swappa better than retail price

How to not pay retail price for phones and tablets

Why pay full retail price for a smartphone, tablet, wearable, laptop or even camera? Head over to Swappa and check out their listings!
Protection Plan

Don’t Forget to Protect your Mac with a Protection Plan

The guys at Swappa are introducing the Mac Protection Plan, which is a unique service where you can protect a used MacBook.

These are the best-selling used phones in October

There are plenty of choices when it comes to second-hand smartphones. Swappa has got you covered regardless if you prefer iPhone or Android!
iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8

The best value for an iPhone in 2018

We found the best value iPhone in 2018! We looked at the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. Check out our conclusion!
cameras on Swappa

Now you can buy and sell cameras on Swappa

If you’re into photography, you’ll be happy to find out that you can now buy and sell cameras on Swappa. Check out the details!
discontinued iPhones

How to get the discontinued iPhones

If you want to get one of the discontinued iPhones (iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone X), we tell you how to do it.
iPhone prices

iPhone prices are dropping, it’s a great time to buy one

Read this to find out when iPhone prices are dropping and when is the best time to buy an iPhone and get the best deal out of it.
used phone

How to sell your used phone for the most money

If you’re looking to sell your used phone, we’ve got some pieces of precious advice for you. After all, you want to get the most money out of it.

Sell Your Used iPhone for the Most Money on Swappa

With the new iPhones just around the corner, you may want to sell your used iPhone as soon as possible, and sell it on Swappa for the best price.

Check Swappa to see how much people are actually paying for a used iPhone & Samsung Galaxy phone

According to recent information from Swappa, these are the prices for a used iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device. Sell before the successor gets announced, says Swappa.

What’s the Galaxy S8 trade-in market like?

Gazelle would like you to think that $260 is the most you’ll get from your S8+. But selling your device, while upping the potential yield, is far riskier and more burdensome.

Swappa expands into Home Tech with Echos, Sonos, Nest products

Got an iRobot vacuum you want to sell? Or perhaps a Google or Amazon speaker that you want to buy at a discount used? Swappa is working its way in.

Protect your Swappa-purchased used phone starting at just $50 for one year

Want to make sure that used phone from Swappa will last you at least one full year? Cough up as a little as $50, and get exhaustive device protection.