Apple wants to know what you do with “in the box” iPhone chargers
It seems that Apple may want to hear its users before deciding to stop including power adapters with iPhone purchases
The iPhone XR sold better than the iPhone X in its first month
New model iPhone sales also continue their creep down from their 2016 highs. Android switchers are on the rise, though. Find out more about this survey.
Survey says Samsung’s business out front, iPhone’s party at back in university
Occasionally, we come across these unscientific, weird surveys that characterize owners of certain brands of phones in certain ways.
iPhone users want better battery life, and they don’t really mind the notch
This is what really matters to iPhone users, according to the results of a survey. “A big battery” can apparently improve iPhone devices
How many iPhone users are planning to upgrade to a new model?
Apple may be in for huge sales success with the new iPhone 2018 models. Since surveys and other sources are certain of their potential
Survey gives reasons why people switch between iOS and Android
The battle between iOS and Android is probably going to last forever, and we probably won’t ever know which OS is better, but at least we know why people switch between OS
Galaxy Note9 benchmark
There is more excitement over the new iPhone models than for the Galaxy Note 9
Apple and Samsung are in for an interesting last quarter, specially when people are apparently more excited over the new iPhone models
More than a million people a month buy an Alexa speaker or Google Home
43 million adults in the US are now estimated to own at least one smart speaker. And people are using their smart speakers to buy more stuff.
Survey says snobby iPhone owners are dating snobby iPhone owners
More singles in America would prefer their partner to have an iPhone than an Android phone. Also, iPhone users tend to behave badly on dates. What a survey!
T-Mobile and MetroPCS destroy the competition in J.D. Power satisfaction ratings
Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for both T-Mobile and flagship prepaid sub-brand MetroPCS, according to the latest J.D. Power research.
Apple topped the Q4 2017 US smartphone activation charts, ahead of Samsung and LG
Apple is number one in CIRP’s Q4 2017 US smartphone activation rankings, surging from a 34 percent share during the final three months of 2016 to an impressive 39 percent.
27 million in US own an Alexa speaker, NPR and Edison Research say
Surveys conducted by Edison Research and NPR say that 36 million adults in the US own a smart speaker powered by assistants from Google or Amazon. Alexa, presumably because of its two-year head start, has a big lead here.
Two in five iPhone owners may upgrade to iPhone 8, according to survey
The consumer poll, conducted by Fluent, backs up that claim with big loyalty numbers for Apple consumers that would make any Android OEM jealous.
Latest research ranks US LTE availability in the global top five, average speeds near the bottom of the chart
There’s good and bad news for US mobile users in OpenSignal’s latest “State of LTE” report. Basically, LTE speeds are horrible, but availability is great.
Apple predictably tops another customer satisfaction report, but the iPhone SE leads the device pack
As crazy as it sounds, iPhone SE owners stateside are more satisfied with their property than those rocking a 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 or S6 Edge+.
Apple leads J.D. Power’s latest smartphone satisfaction rankings, Samsung is a very close second
Apple is the unsurprising winner of a 2017 J.D. Power smartphone satisfaction award, followed as closely as mathematically possible by Samsung.
Apple wins smartphone, tablet, laptop and online music trophies for customer engagement
Customer loyalty and engagement are very subjective things, but people clearly love their Apple products, be it iPhones, iPads or online music apps.
IDC: 12 of 24 Galaxy Note 7 owners have switched to iPhones
Research firm IDC claims it doesn’t know. It surveyed 1,082 consumers, 24 of which owned a Galaxy Note 7. 12 said they went to Apple.
21 percent at least “somewhat likely” to upgrade to iPhone 7
People are extremely interested in a freshly redesigned iPhone. But wait until they’ve seen the leaks of the iPhone 7 this year.
How the smartphone will die in five years, according to Google and Ericsson
Ericsson used to have a larger footprint in the mobile technology space.…
Gauging how we use the Apple Watch
The concept of raising your arm for up to minutes at a…
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The iPhone’s dominance in three graphs (and a bunch of murky numbers)
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