Thoughts on Microsoft’s 2018 Surface Announcements
Microsoft’s Surface team announced a bunch of product updates and some new Surface headphones. Is any of this game-changing?
Surface Studio 2 stays with older cores, still “most powerful Surface”
Still, with eight threads of 3GHz performance streaming through in tandem with NVIDIA’s current GeForce GPUs, it’s a potent combination.
Microsoft Surface event scheduled for October 2
Invites are going out to a Microsoft Surface event happening on October 2 in New York City. Click to read what to expect.
Microsoft Surface Studio, Windows 10, & Surface Book Event Highlights (Video)
The Surface Studio represents Microsoft’s new commitment to creative professionals, a population that Apple has wooed for a long time.
Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one PC unveiled with ultra-thin 28-inch display
The Microsoft Surface Studio is more than a gargantuan monitor with built-in PC components.
Surface Studio, Surface Dial trademarked in Slovenia ahead of Microsoft event
The terms “Surface Dial” and “Dial” were also recently protected, all of them in Slovenia by a company owned by a law firm that Microsoft employs.