Surface RT tablets getting Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 in September

The Surface RT was officially declared dead by Microsoft, but a Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 should land in September. Read about it!

Just how much has Surface cost Microsoft?

Analyst estimates look into just how much Microsoft Surface losses have cost the company to date, and it’s a staggeringly high figure.

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Microsoft strips “RT” from first-gen Surface name, downplays desktop mode

Learn about everything Microsoft’s been up to in efforts to distance itself from bad memories of first-gen Windows RT models.

Microsoft admits consumers confused about RT/Pro distinction

Hear about Microsoft’s recent comments on Surface RT naming, and why we’re not sure they make a lot of sense in light of the Surface 2.

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Surface RT failures hit home for Ballmer; board reduces bonus

See what Microsoft’s board had to say about Surface RT blame, and what it did to Steve Ballmer’s bonus as a result.

Microsoft, you can’t buy our way into using Windows Phone

Microsoft is willing to do anything to improve Windows Phone’s stance. Read why the Microsoft iPhone buyback program will not help Windows Phone.

Top 5 things we love about the Surface 2

Microsoft just unveiled the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Read now to learn why you should be excited for the Surface 2 tablets!

Microsoft Surface 2 rumor round-up: what to expect

Come with us as we go over all the Microsoft Surface 2 rumors we’ve heard to date, in anticipation of tomorrow’s launch.

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Following Surface tablets themselves, Microsoft set to discount Touch Covers?

Learn how low Microsoft could be setting Surface Touch Cover prices in just about a week’s time.

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Microsoft Surface RT – After The Buzz, Episode 022 (Video)

Much has changed since our Surface RT review – most notably, its price. At $349, is the Surface RT a good back-to-school buy? Watch this video to find out!

Investors sue Microsoft over misleading claims of Surface sales performance

Hear about the new Surface lawsuit, and why investors say Microsoft misled with its statements.

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NVIDIA CEO teases the second-generation Surface

As much as we loved the Microsoft Surface Pro, we won’t deny…

Ballmer discusses excess Surface RT inventory

Find out what Steve Ballmer had to say about Surface RT sales and Microsoft’s excess inventory.

Microsoft implements rumored Surface RT price cuts

Microsoft has confirmed last week’s rumors and implemented some Surface RT price cuts; will it be enough to drive sales?

Microsoft about to seriously slash Surface prices?

Hear all about the rumored Surface RT price cut, and find out just how much you could save on a Windows tablet.

Xperia Tablet Z vs Surface RT (Video)

The thinnest, lightest, waterproof-iest Android tablet against Microsoft’s halo Windows tablet: watch our Tablet Z vs Surface RT video faceoff!

Microsoft brings free Surface Touch or Type Cover offer to North America

Learn how you can get a free Surface keyboard – either a Touch of Type Cover – with the purchase of a Surface RT tablet.

Second-Generation Microsoft Surface RT To Land In June Priced Below $300?

As we’ve heard at the beginning of the month, Microsoft might be…

What Microsoft Needs to Do for the Next Surface Models

Read what we think Microsoft needs to do differently (and what can stay the same) for the next Microsoft Surface models.

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