Just how much has Surface cost Microsoft?
Analyst estimates look into just how much Microsoft Surface losses have cost the company to date, and it’s a staggeringly high figure.
Microsoft admits consumers confused about RT/Pro distinction
Hear about Microsoft’s recent comments on Surface RT naming, and why we’re not sure they make a lot of sense in light of the Surface 2.
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Xperia Tablet Z vs Surface RT (Video)
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Read what we think Microsoft needs to do differently (and what can stay the same) for the next Microsoft Surface models.
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If Windows RT is a Failure, Chromebooks are Even Worse
All the internet is a buzz about how poorly Windows RT is doing in the market. How does it compare to Google’s Chrome OS?
Empty Nest: What I Miss (and Don’t) About the Surface RT
I gave my Microsoft Surface RT away, and now I miss it. But also, I don’t. Read on to find out why.
Surface Pro vs. Surface RT (Video)
Watch our video comparison between the Surface Pro and the Surface RT. Which do you like better?
Emulator Lets You Run Regular Windows PC Apps on Windows RT
See what one Windows RT dev has come up with to let you run legacy Windows apps on your Surface RT.
Hey Microsoft: Your Fans Are Killing Windows Phone
I adore Windows Phone, but a small subset of rabid fans are killing the platform’s goodwill. Here’s why Microsoft needs to get control of them before it’s too late.
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Why Doesn’t My Windows Tablet Talk to My Windows Smartphone?
My Microsoft Surface RT tablet and my Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone run software that looks alike, but each Windows device barely knows the other exists. Read on to see why I think this is wrong.
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Galaxy S IV speculation joins with iPhone-vs-Windows Phone debate in this exciting episode of the Pocketnow Weekly. Put on your headphones and join the fun!
Surface Comes To New Retailers, Starting Tomorrow
Get the full story on Microsoft’s move to make its Surface tablets easier to buy with a greatly expanded retail presence.
Microsoft Planning Big Surface Retail Push Into New Stores?
Find out why it might soon be getting much easier to buy one of Microsoft’s Surface tablets.
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The Surface RT might not be the best Windows 8 tablet out there, but it lays a solid foundation for the future of Microsoft. Read on to find out why.
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The Samsung ATIV S, Nexus 4 vs Droid DNA, and a big giveaway! We talk all that, plus Lumia 920, iOS, PureView and more in a little over an hour. Not bad for a twentieth episode, we think! Click here to give it a listen.
Steve Ballmer: Initial Surface Sales Off To A ‘Modest’ Start (Update X2)
Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer talked about a ‘modest’ sales start for the Surface tablet running Windows RT.Read the details.