‘Heavily redesigned’ Surface Pro 6, new HoloLens and more Microsoft products coming soon
Microsoft’s rumored 2018 and 2019 product roadmap includes everything from a mysterious Andromeda to a Surface Pro 6 and lower-cost HoloLens.
Microsoft bills ‘new’ Surface Pro as ‘the most versatile laptop’, Intel Kaby Lake inside
The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro, which isn’t called the Pro 5 or Pro Next, is marketed as the “most versatile laptop.” Laptop, not tablet.
No such thing as a Surface Pro 5, but a refreshed Surface Pro shows its familiar face today
Just a few days to go until an Intel Kaby Lake-powered Surface Pro 4 refresh dubbed simply Surface Pro should break cover in Shanghai.
HP Elite x2 1012 G2 is a sleek new Surface Pro 4 “killer” with Kaby Lake power, up to 16GB RAM
A Microsoft exec has recently suggested there are no plans to refresh the Surface Pro 4 with Kaby Lake SoCs, so the HP Elite x2 1012 G2 will have to do.
Panay: Surface Pro 5? How about “meaningful change” with your “Surface Pro Next”?
And “there’s no such thing as a ‘Pro 5,'” said the Microsoft VP of Devices. So, what do we expect in this “Pro Next”? More than just a Kaby Lake processor.
Microsoft sets up yet another May event in Shanghai, Surface Pro 5 launch expected
It’s a little soon after this week’s Surface Laptop announcement, but Microsoft might be planning to unveil a long overdue Surface Pro 5 on May 23.
Surface Pro 5 may get outshined by Harman Kardon Cortana speaker
We are not sure when the event is happening… still… but Microsoft supposed has one cued up soon with change-ups and tweaks.
Dell Latitude 5285 goes official at CES 2017 with Surface Pro 4-similar design and specs
It’s raining Intel Kaby Lake-powered Surface Pro 4 copycats in Las Vegas these days, but sadly, the Dell Latitude 5285 sports a mediocre touchscreen.
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 set for Q1 2017 launch with UHD screen, rumor has it
Microsoft probably put off the Surface Pro 5 announcement enough, looking at a commercial launch by March 2017 with an Ultra HD display in tow.
Lenovo Miix 720 could beat Surface Pro 5 to the Kaby Lake punch
Windows 10 convertible PC enthusiasts must be disappointed to see the Surface Pro 5 delayed, but the Lenovo Miix 720 is right around the corner.
Rumor: No Surface Book 2 or Pro 5 coming this fall, no Surface Phone… ever?
Word around the water cooler now is Microsoft only plans to unveil Surface all-in-one PCs this fall, with the Surface Phone possibly canceled altogether.
Microsoft finally makes fixing possible Surface Pro 3 battery flaws top priority (Updated)
If there’s been something wrong with the battery life of your Surface Pro 3 lately, rest assured, Microsoft is on the case at last.
‘Minor’ Microsoft Surface revisions likely coming this fall, ‘big bang’ upgrades late next year
Microsoft may have the future of the Surface device family all mapped out, with small rehashes in the works this year, followed by major upgrades the next.
Microsoft stylus patent suggests next Surface Pen could be rechargeable
Microsoft’s next Surface Pro model may never require stylus battery changes, as a patent describes a rechargeable Surface Pen.