Get a Core i5 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 bundled with a Type Cover for just $660 in this new eBay deal
You can save several hundreds of bucks now on eBay if you’re still in the market for the “old” Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and a versatile Type Cover.
Best Buy has a pretty good iPad and Surface sale for Memorial Day
Memorial Day weekend is here and there’s also a four-day sale on with your choice of iPad or Surface Pro 4 discounted by at least $100.
Microsoft bills ‘new’ Surface Pro as ‘the most versatile laptop’, Intel Kaby Lake inside
The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro, which isn’t called the Pro 5 or Pro Next, is marketed as the “most versatile laptop.” Laptop, not tablet.
HP Elite x2 1012 G2 is a sleek new Surface Pro 4 “killer” with Kaby Lake power, up to 16GB RAM
A Microsoft exec has recently suggested there are no plans to refresh the Surface Pro 4 with Kaby Lake SoCs, so the HP Elite x2 1012 G2 will have to do.
Entry-level Surface Pro 4 keyboard bundle discounted to $700 ($300 off) at Best Buy
For a very limited time, Best Buy shaves a whopping $300 off the list price of a Core m3 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 bundled with a keyboard.
Dell Latitude 5285 goes official at CES 2017 with Surface Pro 4-similar design and specs
It’s raining Intel Kaby Lake-powered Surface Pro 4 copycats in Las Vegas these days, but sadly, the Dell Latitude 5285 sports a mediocre touchscreen.
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 set for Q1 2017 launch with UHD screen, rumor has it
Microsoft probably put off the Surface Pro 5 announcement enough, looking at a commercial launch by March 2017 with an Ultra HD display in tow.
Microsoft shaves up to $430 off Surface Pro 4 bundles, $400 off Surface Book for Christmas
It’s not too late for some last-minute holiday gift shopping, with a number of Surface Pro 4/Type Cover combos available at $430 off list from Microsoft.
Microsoft will shave up to $430 off Surface Pro 4, $400 off Surface Book this Black Friday
The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have never been as cheap as Microsoft intends to sell them next week directly to US consumers.
Today’s Microsoft Store Mac trade-in offer for Surface never existed
We were told by a customer service representative that a trade-in offer did happen… in January. But was there one set for this week?
Entry-level Surface Pro 4 available for $750 ($150 off list) from Microsoft today only
The rarely discounted Intel Core m3 configuration of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 convertible tablet goes 150 bucks off list today only to $750.
Trusted eBay seller offers deep discounts on two Surface Pro 4 models with warranty
Two brand-new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 configurations with manufacturer warranties are heavily discounted on eBay, starting at $650 for a limited time.
‘Minor’ Microsoft Surface revisions likely coming this fall, ‘big bang’ upgrades late next year
Microsoft may have the future of the Surface device family all mapped out, with small rehashes in the works this year, followed by major upgrades the next.
The Surface Pro 4 is finally worth buying
After seven months of driver updates from Intel and Microsoft, the Surface Pro 4 might finally be worth buying.
Microsoft yet again lowers US Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book prices by $150
Microsoft wants to help you properly commemorate Memorial Day with a familiar US-only Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book promotion.
Microsoft now shaves $150 off select Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book versions
Once again, Microsoft discounts a number of Surface Book and Pro 4 configurations stateside, but this time by $150 a pop instead of $100.
Microsoft shaves $100 off Core i5 Surface Pro 4 prices for limited time
If you’re in the market for a Surface Pro 4, and don’t want the lowest-end or highest-end configurations, Microsoft’s latest deals go out to you.
Microsoft Surface sales top expectations, at 2.5 million in Q4 2015, 6M for the whole year
Global tablet sales might be engaged in a free fall trajectory, but somehow, Microsoft Surface products continue to grow at an impressive pace.
There’s literally nothing harder to repair than the Microsoft Surface Book
A rigorous teardown review of Microsoft’s “ultimate” Surface Book shows the tablet/laptop hybrid is essentially impossible to repair at home.
In the Surface series, everything is a detachable computer
Of course, a ton of people would be at Microsoft’s Windows 10…